Debunking HVAC Myths Prevalent in Katy One at a Time | Heating and AC Repair in Katy, TX

HVAC systems are now a basic amenity for all types of constructions all through the year. Whether it’s commercial or residential indoors, one needs to furnish them with HVAC systems to cancel out the temperature and weather-induced discomfort. With ever-increasing importance and demand for HVAC systems, a lot of information is being constantly churned out regarding their best use. 

In this excess of information, a lot of HVAC myths and misconceptions have also been developed, as noted by many seasoned contractors of heating and ac repair in Katy, TX. We are penning down this article to address all such misinformation that revolves around the use of HVAC systems.  

Input from some seasoned HVAC technicians providing heating and ac repair in Katy, TX and other Texas cities is also part of this write-up.

HVAC Systems Need No Tune-ups 

Many homeowners in Katy mistakenly believe that only wall, window, and portable AC units need regular tune-ups. HVAC systems, on the other hand, can continue to run without any such touchup because they have long operating lives. And one should only call the guys from any company providing heating and ac repair in Katy, TX to sort out any major fault.

We want to make it clear that HVAC assemblies are not super machines. Like any other electrical or mechanical apparatus, they also need regular servicing to work at their optimum level. Regular tune-ups also extend the functional life of an HVAC unit.

Homeowners should at least have two tune-ups of their HVAC systems in a year: One before the start of summer and one before the start of peak winter. These biannual tune-ups can ensure efficient HVAC operations. Taking this care will also prevent the instances of sudden machine breakdowns. 

Air Filters Need No Replacement

Air filters are an important part of any HVAC assembly. They guarantee the provision of clean air inside the house. However, the majority of homeowners don’t consider them as necessary as their function is. They think that it’s enough to wash the air filter to preserve their filtration abilities. It’s true that washing a polymer or fiberglass air filter can improve its filtration. However, this happens just for a brief time. 

The washed air filters eventually fail to trap the most of dust and other pollutants. People keep thinking that their washed HVAC filters are working just fine. However, in reality, these poorly working HVAC components become the reason of many unfathomable allergies and breathing issues among the household.

As per seasoned contractors of heating and ac repair in Katy, TX, homeowners should replace their HVAC filters within 90-120 days to maintain indoor air quality. Fiberglass filters are cheap and you can replace them all by yourself. So, don’t wait for the annual or bi-annual service visit from heating and ac repair in Katy, TX for the replacement. Replace HVAC filters after 10-12 weeks if you have extensive use. Otherwise, replace them every four months. 

Keep HVAC On When Leaving Home Conserves Energy 

Many homeowners think that setting the HVAC system at a high and low temperature in summer and winter respectively in an empty house is an energy-conservation measure. The premise of this misconception is that by doing this, people won’t have to run the AC or heat pump at its max power when they are home.  

There is no credence to this ‘hack’ as corroborated by many qualified companies providing heating and ac repair in Katy, TX. No rocket science is needed to debunk this misconception. It’s simple: you save energy whenever you turn off the furnace or air conditioner of your HVAC system. 

So, don’t pay any heed to all such suggestions telling you to lower your energy bills by leaving your HVAC on while leaving the home. Instead of saving any money, you might get a hiked-up utility bill. 

Pro-tip: Instead of playing the ‘switch on, switch off’ game with your HVAC assembly, get a programmable thermostat for it. You can save hundreds of dollars on your energy cost with a programmable thermostat. Consult any reputable technician providing heating and ac repair in Katy, TX to pick the best programmable thermostat.

Location of Thermostat Is Irrelevant

Most people don’t pay much attention to the site of thermostat installation.  It’s a general belief that it has nothing to do with the heating and cooling performance of the HVAC unit. Seasoned contractors of heating and ac repair in Katy, TX keep clarifying that this is not true at all. The location of thermostat matters. Let’s see how. 

If your thermostat is installed in a basement or any other shaded location that is relatively cooler, then it can’t get the real picture of the temperature condition in the house. As a result, you can experience poor cooling from your unit. Similarly, having a thermostat in a sunnier location can misguide its temperature regulation during winter.  

For that matter, qualified technicians providing heating and ac repair in Katy, TX recommend homeowners to have their thermostats installed at the place where it can sense the right interior temperature that you actually want to regulate.

Covering Outer Units Protect Them 

In order to protect them from dust and debris, many homeowners heavily cover the outer units of their HVAC units, resulting in poor air exhaust from them. One should know that a heavy covering can eventually damage an outer unit instead of protecting it. If they can’t dissipate all the hot air at their full capacity, the internal buildup can overheat their internal assemblies. 

So, instead of covering your HVAC outer unit completely, put a shade above it. Also, do its regular dusting and trim up the surrounding plants. If you have to cover it, use a net that doesn’t obstruct its air passage.

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