Dehumidifier | AC Repair Katy

Dehumidifier | AC Repair Katy

Dehumidifier | ACRepair Katy

Living in ahumid environment does not mean you have to suffer it. While it is true thehome’s heating and air conditioning systemprovides dehumidification, not all systems, especially when humidity is extremelyhigh, can handle the load. High indoor humidity causes it to feel hotter thanit actually is. One of the signs of age airconditioner is the system’s inability to remove humidity as it once did.Contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning for AC repair in Katy for the installation of a dehumidifier.

For personswith respiratory problems, including allergies and asthma, excessive humiditycan worsen the condition. The solution is a whole-house dehumidifier.

Awhole-house dehumidifier is different from portable dehumidifiers, whichdehumidify only the air in its immediate area. A dehumidifier removes moisture fromthe air in the home, and works in conjunction withthe home’s HVAC system. Dehumidifiersare controlled by a dehumidistat, which turns the unit on and off depending onthe amount of moisture detected in the air.

Maintainingthe proper level of humidity in your home provides a significant improvement inyour comfort, and can prevent damage to the home, and illness. Our NATEcertified technicians can provide the installation you require to take controlof the home’s humidity. We offer HVACinstallation, maintenance, and heating and AC repair in Katy.

CypressHeating and Air Conditioning offers dehumidifiers capable of providing theideal humidity in your home. We can provide the assistance you need inselecting the humidifier just right for your home, and budget. In addition, ourcertified technicians can install, repair, and maintain it for you.

Furthermore,if achieving a higher air quality in the home is a concern, we can provide theinstallation of an air cleaning system. Our NATE certified technicians offer awide range of HVAC services,including HVAC installation, replacement, and heating and AC repair in Katy.  

Providing theproper humidity in your home will ensure your comfort, and save you money onenergy costs. When the humidity is lower, you feel cooler, enabling thethermostat to be adjusted. This saves money on energy, and reduces wear on theHVAC system. Consequently, the need for heating and AC repair in Katy is reduced.

If you havean existing dehumidifier, and it is not working properly, our HVAC technicians can provide the neededrepair. Furthermore, if it is time for maintenance on your humidifier, ourtechnicians will provide a comprehensive inspection of your equipment, changeany filters, and provide a thorough cleaning. For your convenience, we canschedule maintenance on the humidifier at the same time you are scheduled toreceive annual or biannual maintenance on your heating and air conditioning system, or if you call for AC repair in Katy

Thefollowing are a few of the signs of excessive humidity:

·      Damp, stickysurfaces in your home

·      Condensation onwindows, mirrors, walls and bathroom fixtures

·      You feel damp andhot yourself although the thermostat registers the set temperature

Highhumidity can stain the walls, cause wood flooring to warp, mold can develop inthe home. Furthermore, dust mites also thrive in moist conditions. A relativehumidity below 50% will reduce the dust mite population and other allergens. Awhole-house dehumidifier will prevent these problems.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning has been providing HVAC solutions for homeowners andbusinesses throughout the Katy metropolitan area for many years. Ourtechnicians are NATE certified for the highest quality HVAC services available.In addition, we are available for your emergencies twenty-four hours a day andseven days a week. We provide a wide range of HVAC services in Katy, Plano,and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating. Contactus today for the professional installation of a dehumidifier, or other HVAC services including installation, and AC repair in Katy.