Different Types of HVAC Systems | Air Conditioner Repair in Katy, TX

Different Types of HVAC Systems | Air Conditioner Repair in Katy, TX

If you arelooking to upgrade your existing HVACsystem in your home and you are looking to hire a heating and cooling professional to do the job. This guide willhelp you in deciding what heating andair system is best for you. Today’s systems provide many options, such asvariable fan speeds and multiple stages for heating and cooling.

Single orMulti-Stage?

Single-stageheating & cooling is fairly popular in areas that experience colder wintersand hot & humid summers. These types of systems provide comfort for thecoldest or hottest days of the year. But this also means that a majority of thetime, these systems are operating at a full capacity when they do not need tobe. This is where multi-stage heating and cooling systems can help you saveenergy and money.

Zoned Systems

Zoned heating andair systems condition the air in areas of your home by controlling valves ordampers that are inside the vents or ductwork. These valves or dampers assist in blocking the flow of conditionedair.  A zoned HVAC system can help yousave a lot of energy and money but only conditioning the air in certain areasof your home when you need it.

Humidity Control

Humidifiers anddehumidifiers can be added to your existing heating and air systems. If youreside in an area that has extremely dry or humid air then these upgrades canbe extremely beneficial.  These systemswill automatically reduce or increase the humidity in the air within your hometo levels that are more comfortable.

Heating Systems

Heating systemsalso referred to as furnaces distribute heated air through ductwork.  A popular type of a furnace in the UnitedStates is a boiler. Boilers distribute heated water via radiators or forced-warsystems. Furnaces typically use natural gas or propane to fuel them, whileboilers usually use gas or oil.

Cooling Systems

Air conditioningsystems come in many different sizes and types. When deciding what to installor upgrade in your home; it will depend on what you already have installed, aswell as the climate.   Some of the bestair conditioners today are between 30 to 50 percent more energy efficient thansystems from around the mid-1970s.   Themost generally known term for grading air conditioning systems is referred toas the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER).

SEER 13 is theminimum efficiency you should consider when looking for a system. But thehigher the number the most cost effective the system will be.  When considering a new system for your homeyou should also consider energy star-rated systems when looking for the bestenergy efficient system.

Ductlessmini-split systems are becoming more popular systems in today’s homes. Thesesystems can be installed fairly easily by homeowners, though it can be amoderately difficult job.   Properly sizingthe air conditioning system is extremely important in order to provideefficient air into the home. If the system is too large it will not cool anarea uniformly. A system that is too small will operate at much longer periodsand will not be nearly as efficient or effective at conditioning theenvironment in your living space.

Retrofit Options

If you are notlooking to replace your existing heating and air system, and are just lookingat retrofitting the existing system and exploring your options then there areseveral possibilities to explore.

With gas and oilboilers or furnaces, you can add a vent damper. This will prevent air loss up achimney when the furnace or boiler is not in operation. You can also look intoinstalling an intermittent ignition device to turn off pilot lights in oldersystems when it is not needed.

Radiators thatare not needed can be removed as well. Modulating aquastats for hot waterboilers will modify the temperatures of the hot water to the outsidetemperatures and this can save as much as ten percent in fuel costs.  By adding a time-delay relay to a hot waterboiler, these will circular hot water through system without the need of firingthe boiler.  Oil burning systems can alsobenefit from a barometric flue damper that will prevent excessive heat fromescaping through the chimney.

If you have anold, burner on your oil boiler that is extremely inefficient then you may wantto consider replacing the entire burner. If so, a flame retention burner will be able to block airflow fromtraveling up a chimney when the boiler is not use. This will save as much astwenty percent in fuel costs.

If your home isusing an older central air conditioning system, you may consider replacing theoutdoor compressor unit with a modern, high-efficiency unit. You will need toconsult with a professional heating and air contractor to make sure that thenew compressor will properly match your indoor unit. 

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