Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump | Heating and Air Conditioning

Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump | Heating and Air Conditioning

While the furnace is the most popular heating system, it is not the only option available. A ductless mini split system is a heat pump that uses air handlers instead of ducts to circulate conditioned air. A ductless mini split heat pump system consists of numerous air handlers, one in each room with its own thermostat, allowing to be controlled separately from the others. Each air handler runs off of a single outdoor heat pump and is capable of providing a different temperature for each room. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning can provide the installation, repair or maintenance you need for your home’s heating and air conditioning.

As a heat pump, the system provides both heating and air conditioning for your home.  A ductless mini split heat pump is an energy efficient way to provide for your comfort, while offering the ability to provide conditioned air or not, to each individual room. 

The Benefits 

With fall well underway, it is time to start preparing for the colder months of the year. If you’re in the market for a new home heating and air conditioning system, there are numerous options, including the ductless system. Ductless systems offer the energy efficiency of a heat pump, and allow you to heat or cool just the rooms you choose.  With a traditional centralized heater, you can either warm all of your home or none of it. With a ductless system, you can select the temperature for each area in your home. 

The Importance of Maintenance

Preventive HVAC maintenance is an essential and effective means of maintaining any HVAC system in good condition. Far too many people wait until there is a problem and call for repairs. The problem with this method is that preventative maintenance is likely to have prevented the need for repair in the first place. In addition, a lack of maintenance can shorten the lifespan of the HVAC system, the consequence of which, is the need for early replacement of the existing system. Preventive maintenance enables the HVAC technician to catch many problems early, before they damage the system. Routine maintenance can save thousands of dollars in repair costs over the life of the system and ensures peak operation and efficiency.

Bi-Annual Maintenance

Normally, preventive maintenance is scheduled once a year for a heating and air conditioning system. However, maintenance for any type of heat pump should be scheduled bi-annually, in the spring and fall. Because heat pumps are designed to act as both heating and air conditioning systems, they experience twice as much wear and tear from year round use.

Are Hot/Cold Rooms are Problem?

If rooms that are overly hot in the summer and cold in the winter are a problem in your home, a zoning system may offer a solution. Featuring its own individual thermostat, these rooms can achieve the temperature you want, and the comfort that is needed.

Considering a conventional heating and air conditioning system conditions the entire home at once, it is likely that energy is being wasted, especially when you typically are in a single room, or just a few for the majority of the day. By concentrating conditioned air in only the rooms that are occupied, your HVAC system will not run as much. This saves money and improve your comfort level, and also results in less wear and tear on the HVAC system.

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