Ductless System | Air Conditioning Katy TX

Ductless System | Air Conditioning Katy TX

Ductless System | Air Conditioning Katy TX

If your home lacks ductwork, a Carrier ductless system offers a solution. A ductless system can provide efficient heating and air conditioning in Katy, TX for the new room addition, and offers a multi-zone system for the home.


The installation of ductless heating and air conditioning in Katy, TX is simple, requiring only a small hole in the wall to provide the pipe connection between the indoor and outdoor unit.


Carrier® Ductless heating and air conditioning in Katy, TX offers an energy efficient solution to keep you comfortable. In addition, the ductless system takes advantage of the latest technology by performing in extreme winter temperatures of as low as -22° F, and continues to perform at 80% capacity. Hot summer days are also not a challenge for the ductless system, cooling at 100% capacity even when the outdoor temperature reaches 130° F.

Other energy saving features include Carrier’s Inverter compressor, which automatically adjusts its speed to match the indoor needs, without under performing or over performing. The technology adds an additional feature for saving energy and money. 

Furthermore, ductless systems offer the benefits of custom heating and cooling without the cost. By providing heating and air conditioning for only the rooms or areas that you want to heat or air condition, you cut out wasted energy on rooms that are unoccupied. 

Only the ductless system offers this convenience. For example, if you shut off all the registers on the second floor, and you have a typical heat pump – the system pressure and ventilation will be affected, resulting in air leaks and premature wear and tear on the heat pump. 

The ductless system is designed to heat one room at a time or nine rooms and everything in between. The technology provides for the system to operate at the level required for the number of rooms or areas calling for heating or air conditioning

Precise Control

With a ductless system, precise control is right at your fingertips. When you have a family member who likes a warmer bedroom, they can have it without sacrificing the comfort of other family members. That is because each room has its own indoor unit, thermostat, and remote control, allowing individual control for each room separately. Each room can be set to a different temperature, allowing custom control of ductless heating and air conditioning in Katy, TX. 

Versatile Options

Carrier ductless systems provide the versatility you need to provide a comfortable home you can better enjoy. For example, you can take advantage of the ability to use a long line between the outdoor compressor and indoor units. This is a convenient, yet effective solution for the home’s unique characteristics. In addition, it provides the ability to locate the outdoor unit where sound will not interfere while entertaining on the patio, or sleeping in your bedroom, for example. 

Furthermore, you can mix the various types of ductless systems to meet your needs in separate areas of the home. The versatility of the ductless system enables you to combine high wall units with ducted, console and cassette units, and connect to a single outdoor unit for multi-zone systems.

Allergy Control

Ductless heating and air conditioning in Katy, TX will assist you in achieving a higher air quality in each room where they are installed, with filters in each indoor unit. For family members who suffer from asthma, allergies or other respiratory conditions, the ductless system can provide them with cleaner air, and without the cross contamination caused by a central systems shared ductwork throughout the home. 

Selecting a System

The ductless system is ideal for retrofits, additions, workshops, pool houses, guest houses, rental properties, rooms that are too hot or cold, homes where ducts can’t be installed and for homeowner’s wanting to improve the air quality and/or achieve greater energy efficiency.

When selecting new heating and air conditioning in Katy, TX, keep the following in mind to assure the greatest possible energy efficiency for your budget.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER)

SEER is the measurement of the efficiency of an air conditioning system. SEER enables you to compare one system’s efficiency to another. The higher the SEER number, the greater the efficiency of the air conditioner, and the more money you will save on the cost of cooling your home.  

Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF)

HSPF is the measure of heat pump efficiency. The higher the HSPF number, the greater the efficiency of the heat pump, and the more money you will save heating your home.

If you are considering the installation of a ductless system, or simply exploring the available options, a Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning professional can provide the information you need to make an informed decision. You can count on the expertise of our HVAC specialists to provide professional services for your home’s heating and air conditioning in Katy, TX. We serve Katy, Plano and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.