Ductless System | Heating and Air Conditioning

Ductless System | Heating and Air Conditioning

The ductless system is an option for roomadditions and homes lacking ductwork. The system offers convenience and energysavings by providing zoned heating and air conditioning. Zoned systemsprovide custom temperatures in different areas and/or rooms. They also offerthe ability to heat or cool only the rooms you choose, providing custom comfortand energy savings.

As the nameimplies, a ductless system doesn’t require ducts. These systems providean option for additions to a home where ducts can’t be installed, for homeslacking a duct system that is not a candidate for duct installation, or forhomeowners seeking an efficient means of heating and air conditioningtheir home.

How itWorks

Ductless heatingand air conditioning systems operate from a single outdoor unit. The systemdistributes air to the separate zones within a home through the operation ofdampers, regulating the airflow to each zone or room. Multiple thermostats, onefor each zone or room, control the ductless system.

Each zone(or room) has its own thermostat, and can be set to the desiredtemperature for each area, even when the temperatures are different. This meansa family member who prefers a colder room can have it without freezing otherfamily members in different rooms.

Seldom usedrooms, such as unused bedrooms can be regulated so they are not heated or air conditioneduntil guests are expected and conditioned air is required. The ability toselect the rooms that are heated or cooled can save homeowner’s up to 30% on theoperating cost of heating and airconditioning.


The installation of ductless heatingand air conditioning is simple, requiring only a small hole in the wall toprovide the connection between the indoor and outdoor components.


Carrier® Ductless heating andair conditioning offer an energy efficient solution, while maintaining yourcomfort. While the ductless system is available as air conditioning only, or aheat pump, heat pump technology has greatly advanced in the last few years. TheCarrier ductless system will continue to perform at 80% capacity intemperatures as low -22° F. Sweltering summer temperatures are no problem forthis system, cooling at 100% capacity even when the outdoor temperature reaches130° F.

Only the ductless system offers the ability to heat or cool just therooms you want. If you close all the registers in the home, except for tworooms, and you have a typical heat pump – the system pressure and ventilationwill be affected, resulting in air leaks and premature wear.

However, this will not affect a home with a ductless system. Thesystem is designed to heat one or two rooms at a time or nine rooms. The system’stechnology enables the system to operate at the level required for the numberof rooms or areas calling for heating or airconditioning.

Ideal for Allergy Sufferers

Ductless heating and airconditioning is ideal for achieving higher air quality by its use of HEPAair filters. A central system pulls air throughout the home, passing through asingle filter and back out through the home again.

The ductless system offers a HEPAfilter for each room or zone, filtering the air only in that area andproviding consistently filtered air through the highest technology available.

If you are shoppingthe available options, consider a ductlesssystem. A Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning professional can provide theinformation for the ductless or other HVAC systems. You can rely on theexpertise of our NATE certifiedtechnicians to provide the professional heating and air conditioning services you need. We serve Katy,Plano and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.