Emergency AC Repair Katy

Emergency AC Repair Katy

Emergency AC | AC Repair Katy

It pays to have a back-up plan. Do you have one for when you need AC repair in Katy and your technician can’t get there right away?

There is a way to have AC when your central unit has quit working. Go to your local home supply store and purchase a 6000 to 8000 Btu window air conditioner and store it in your shed or garage when not in use. Be sure it is stored in a location where items will not be tossed up against it potentially damaging it. You will be glad to have it when your central unit has quit working. It will cool one room such as a bedroom, or perhaps a living room.

You can make it an indoor adventure if you have young children. Use a couch and pallets for sleeping, for example. Provide games, movies if you have power and favorite foods. A cooler in the room will provide cold drinks and snacks to prevent so much traffic in and out of the room causing the loss of cold air.

Ensure you purchase a 110 volt window air conditioner to avoid having to have an electrician run wire and a plug for 220 volts. It will cool one room when you need AC repair in Katy and must wait for a technician.

Having an emergency AC unit can also be useful if you experience a power outage if you have a generator. It will enable you to cool a room, providing emergency AC when storms knock out power and create hot humid temperatures.

The 110 window units are relatively cheap, and compared to the cost of a motel room will in the long run save you money while providing a cool spot in the home during emergencies such as when the central AC has gone on the blink and you need AC repair in Katy.

You can use multiple window air conditioners in other rooms if you have the space to store them. You will simply need to ensure your generator has ample power and enough plugs if you intend to use it during power outages.

If the room you use it in doesn’t have a door, you can hang a blanket or comforter to assist in keeping the cold air in and it will actually work fairly well. The use of a fan will make it feel even cooler in the room, especially if it can be located near the air conditioner. Your thinking ahead of time will be greatly appreciated by your family.

Use the unit in a window that is shaded in the heat of the day if you have that option. This will greatly assist the window air conditioner in providing cold air and not having to work so hard.

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