Energy Saving Tips | Air Conditioning Service

Energy Saving Tips | Air Conditioning Service

Air Conditioning Facts & Tips | Air Conditioning Service

If your air conditioning system isn’t maintaining your home’s comfort this summer, give us a call for professional air conditioning service. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning professionals will determine the cause. Perhaps you’re closing off vents in unused rooms and your system performance seems to have suffered. If so, read on and you will understand why this common practice is detrimental to your system and comfort.

Myths and misinformation regarding heating and air conditioning are common, and may be costing you money. Let’s take a look at some of the most common:

Myth #1. Ceiling fans will cool your home

This is not true. Ceiling fans won’t reduce the temperature of a room by even a single degree. What a ceiling fan can do is to cool your skin by circulating air in the space, making you feel more comfortable. Use them when you are home in the rooms you occupy.

Myth #2. Close the register vents in rooms not being used to save money on the cost of cooling

This isn’t true. In fact, this practice can be damaging your HVAC system. Modern forced air systems have a balanced pressure load throughout the home. Closing vents off will affect how it operates, throwing the pressure load off balance and forcing the system to work harder. This can result in premature wear and tear on the system, resulting in a reduced life expectancy of the system, and an increased frequency of breakdowns. Leave the registers open, unblocked and let your system do its job.

Myth #3. Heat pumps are unreliable, don’t last long and will drive your utility bills out of sight

This is not true. While energy efficiency and reliability will vary between brands, heat pumps have become more energy efficient as required by law. Energy factors like SEER and reliability are regulated to minimum stands for Energy Star Qualifying products. For the greatest energy efficiency, reliability and extended heating and air conditioning service from your HVAC system, choose an Energy Star qualified product.

Also, keep in mind to select a reputable and experienced professional for heating and air conditioning installation. The most common associated problems with HVAC systems is due to improper installation, improperly sized equipment, as well as a lack of heating and air conditioning service and preventative maintenance.

Money Saving HVAC Upgrades

The HVAC industry is involved in advancing the technology with energy solutions and improved reliability. The following are some of the latest technologies that can assist your home in being more efficient, while providing reliable heating and air conditioning service.

Digital Thermostats

Digital thermostats enable you to program your system to automatically reduce the indoor temperature during the winter when no one is home. The digital thermostat will also turn the heat up just in time for family members to arrive in a warm home. On the other hand, during the cooling season, a digital thermostat enables you to turn the thermostat up while family members are away, and lowering it in time for you to arrive to a cool and comfortable home. Some models even enable the thermostat to be adjusted remotely, from a computer or smart phone, for example.

Seal Ducts

The EPA estimates a fifth of conditioned air is lost due to leaks in the ducts. Our technicians use the latest technology to locate leaks in your system. Once located, they seal the leaks for the greatest efficiency from your system. A sealed system not only operates more efficiently, it also reduces undue strain upon the system. Sealing the ducts provides one more element to ensure reliable heating and air conditioning service from your system.

The Advantages of a Heat Pump

  • A heat pump is located outside of the home, providing a system that is much quieter.
  • With coils, compressor and other components located outside within the heat pump cabinet, there is no risk of condensate overflowing the evaporator pan and causing damage to your home.
  • The heat pump is one of the most efficient systems available. The electric heat pump does not generate heat from fossil fuels to warm the home in the winter. By extracting heat from outdoor air and heat generated by compressed refrigerant, the heat pump provides efficient heat for homes in the winter. By reversing this process cold air is provided for air conditioning in the summer.
  • Electric heat pumps operate cleanly. There is no combustion of fossil fuels, eliminating the risk of carbon monoxide from heating in the home, and providing a clean running system for a healthier, cleaner home. By selecting an Energy Star heat pump, you save money on energy costs, receive a system with proven reliability and performance, and reduce your household’s impact on the environment.
  • The purchase of an Energy Star heat pump may entitle you to federal, state, local rebates or tax credits.

Cypress is a preferred HVAC provider of heating and air conditioning service, installation, maintenance and ac repair in Katy. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning provides highly trained and certified heating and air conditioning technicians, who receive ongoing continuing education. You are assured of receiving an experienced technician who is up-to-date on the latest HVAC technology, recommended heating and air conditioning service techniques and repair.

The EPA estimates that 50% of HVAC systems are of improper size for the home in which they are installed. In addition, installations are often incorrectly provided, resulting in lost efficiency and a reduction in reliability. When you consider the cost of heating and air conditioning systems, you want the most you can receive from the system. This is why it is essential to ensure you receive a qualified and experienced installer who utilizes industry guidelines for selection of a system and installment.

Finally, ensure your HVAC system receives routine maintenance for reliable and long lasting heating and air conditioning service from your system.

When you use Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning you are assured of receiving this, with a professionally installed system and top rated Carrier system. We stand behind our products and our services. When you require air conditioning service you can trust this summer, give us a call.