Everything You Should Know About <strong>Air Conditioner Installation</strong> | <strong>The Woodlands, TX</strong>

Everything You Should Know About Air Conditioner Installation | The Woodlands, TX

If you’ve owned your The Woodlands, TX home for more than a few years, you may soon start noticing, if you aren’t already, that your air conditioner is slowly starting to die. It’s possible you’ve had it repaired more times than you can count already, and no matter how good and comprehensive your maintenance schedule has been, it seems as if your whole HVAC system is on its last leg mostly because it’s downright old, and is going to have to be replaced sooner rather than later.  With this in mind, you should start your search for a new air conditioner by understanding what a new air conditioner installation in The Woodlands, TX can entail. This will help you select the best air conditioner for your needs, rather than one that may cause you to invest even more money for any special adaptations you may have to make.

To the inexperienced, a new air conditioner installation can seem overwhelming. Just the thought of the expense can be enough to put your brain in overdrive trying to find ways to put the money together. Then there’s the small issue of choosing the perfect air conditioner, one that provides all the comfort your family requires while staying within your budget. Lastly, there’s the installation. If you have some experience with air conditioners you may think you can do it yourself to save some money, but in reality, your best bet is to get a trained professional who can do it for you, regardless of the type of air conditioner you have chosen. This will ensure the job is done correctly, safely and quickly.

By now, you are probably wondering what is so difficult or special about air conditioner installation that it requires a professional HVAC technician to get it done. Read on to find out what goes on during the complicated process of installation from start to finish. In the end, the satisfaction produced by a new HVAC system that will provide comfort on a hot day for many years to come, will be more than worth the price you paid.

Step 1: The Air Conditioner Installation Team Will Evaluate and Remove Your Old HVAC System

One of the first things that must be done before your new air conditioner installation starts, is the removal of your old system. The installation team will make sure to verify if your new system will fit in the place where your old one was placed. If it does, no further preparation work will be needed, so they will protect the area and remove the unit.

Afterward, they will clean up any debris left behind by the removal, and they will evaluate whether the pad is still in an adequate condition to receive your new unit. If it isn’t, a new one will be prepared to receive your new air conditioner. Don’t forget to ask your air conditioner installation tech if they will take care of the proper disposal of the old unit or how they suggest you dispose of it yourself. Most likely, this disposal is something that is included in the installation contract.

Once your old system has been removed, your installation team will evaluate your current duct infrastructure in search of leaks and any problem that could potentially affect your new system’s performance, repairing anything they find as they go. Of course, you will be consulted before they do any extra work. When the evaluation and any needed repairs are finished, they will proceed to install your new system.

Step 2: The Air Conditioner Installation Team Will Put in Your New System

Now that everything is ready for the installation of your new air conditioning system, the hard part can begin. If necessary, your installation team will put in new pipes or connections, something that is entirely dependent on any major connection differences between the system that you had originally and the one that is being installed. The team will also verify and inspect all the new system’s electrical connections, and they will add coolant to the new system as per the manufacturer’s instructions. With all of this done, the installation team will begin testing your new system to make sure it works correctly. This ensures you can start using it as soon as the team is ready to leave. In some cases, the coolant will be drained out of your old air conditioner and disposed of according to federal legislation, but that is something your installers will know, and you won’t have to worry about it.

Step 3: The Installation Team Will Check or Install Your Thermostat

In most cases, a new air conditioner will include a new thermostat that is appropriate for the model you have selected. Your installation team can install it after they finish replacing your unit. If you prefer to keep your old thermostat, they will inspect it to make sure it works correctly and that the connection to your new system has been made in the most appropriate manner.

Additionally, if you would rather use a separate thermostat or prefer a smart thermostat system, and you have already purchased it, your installation team can set it up for you during the same visit, or you can schedule another appointment for this specific task. As part of the procedure, your installer will teach you how to use the new thermostat to ensure you make the most of your new system.

Step 4: Final Walkthrough and Special Instructions

Now that your new cooling system has been installed, your air conditioner installation team will take you on a walkthrough of the entire system, pointing out any aspects you may need to know about and providing detailed instructions for its optimal performance. Additionally, they will provide any maintenance information you should know, such as how to change the filters, which will save you some money in the long run. This is a good time to talk about a more detailed maintenance schedule that you can set up periodically. If you have any questions, this is also the moment to ask them. Your installation team will be happy to provide any answers you seek.

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