Fast Fixes From Our Emergency AC Repair Service | Cypress, TX

Fast Fixes From Our Emergency AC Repair Service | Cypress, TX

It’s the hottest day of the summer, you’re preparing for a party and the AC goes out. You call our emergency AC repair service at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air. There’s no telling what the problem is, but we’ve fixed thousands of ACs and there are some common repairs we’re prepared for with parts in our vehicle. As soon as we arrive, we get to work diagnosing the root problem with your AC. In some cases, we have to do some hunting and testing, it’s true. When we’re sure that a fast fix is all that’s needed, though, we’re totally ready to get it done for you in Cypress, TX.

Fast Fixes with Careful Checking to Make Sure They’re Complete

One of the most common problems our emergency AC repair service finds is a clogged air filter. That doesn’t mean that replacing the air filter is the whole fast fix, but it points to several other potential issues. We’ll replace it and look for icing on the evaporator coil that can stop your cooling. Another problem that could arise from air filter trouble is a fan motor failing in your air handling system, tired of trying to pull air through the filter and quitting. Our well-stocked vehicle has the parts and equipment to carefully melt the ice or replace the fan motor, then test our results and look for the checkered flag of success. We’re thorough, but whenever we can be fast as well, we have it in us to do just that. We know that your ice cubes are melting in the punch bowl, everybody’s sitting around using magazines as fans to cool off, and we want you to look good because you called the right emergency AC repair service!

Air Balancing Checks to Locate Airflow Problems

One of the more mysterious problems is when your AC seems to be working, but somehow you have areas in your home that are still warm. Our emergency AC repair service can quickly measure the airflow and see what’s going on. You might have a blocked vent or intake, a piece of furniture or a rug that’s causing problems with AC movement across the room, or a thermostat issue. After all, homes with zoned HVAC ductwork actually have several thermostats that manage the airflow in different areas. If one of those thermostats isn’t working right, you can have warm or extra-cold areas based on the zones that are malfunctioning. Our emergency AC repair service can test and replace a thermostat if needed, or keep on looking for the problem. Damaged ductwork could be an issue, as well as dampers that manage airflow and are often hidden in ductwork in the attic or other remote locations. By taking measurements, we can speed up our diagnosis and get you and your family or guests cool sooner!

Refrigerant Leaks Can Be Slow and Tricky to Find

Sometimes you smell refrigerant leaks, even coming through your vents as a sweetish odor that’s not good to breathe. That’s a good time to call our emergency AC repair service for your safety as well as comfort. When the leak is slower, there will come a day when enough refrigerant has leaked out that your cooling is ineffective. We have the equipment to sniff for even small leaks, so we can find and fix the problem and recharge the system so you get cool again. It usually doesn’t take long. Calling us to fix refrigerant leaks also helps avoid an expensive problem that arises when too much has leaked out. Your AC compressor will start to overwork, making a loud howling noise and getting damaged quickly. Calling early for AC repairs often helps your system last longer as well as serve you well today.

Smelling Gas or Other Odors in Your AC?

Your AC system can carry odors from many sources that make it into the air handling system or various air intakes in your home. One serious issue that sometimes happens and confuses homeowners is the smell of gas while the AC is running. This can come from your furnace, usually adjacent to your AC evaporator to share the air handling system, and requires emergency measures to respond to and remedy a gas leak, and shutting down your AC system for the moment. Our emergency AC repair service can help you track down other, less hazardous odors and determine the source.

Fast Startup Fixes for Your AC

There are a couple of straightforward fixes for your AC system that take care of many cases when the system just doesn’t start cooling. The thermostat triggers startup, but nothing happens or you hear buzzing or clicking sounds from the unit outside. Our emergency AC repair service carries contactors, capacitors, and other parts that are used to start your AC, so we can often swap in a new one and make a few tests, then let you enjoy cool AC. We might also test motors in your system to make sure they’re still healthy and not drawing too much current as they decline. As always, we make sure that the fix we provide is complete, so we can take care of you on a single visit in Cypress, TX whenever possible. It’s just how we’re programmed!

When your AC system stops cooling your family, do you have our number handy for quick AC repair? At Mr. Reliable Heating & Air, we’re programmed to give you expert care on emergency AC repair service, with prompt arrival and fast fixes whenever possible. Our vehicles bring the whole package to you in Cypress, TX, including a skilled technician to make an expert diagnosis and repair, the tools we need, and a carefully selected stock of parts to make many repairs right away. We’re ready when your AC shuts down or starts acting up, it’s never too soon to call to head off trouble! Give us a call today for a preventive AC inspection or maintenance as well.

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