Four Reasons to Pick a Central Refrigerated Air Conditioner in Cypress, TX

Four Reasons to Pick a Central Refrigerated Air Conditioner in Cypress, TX

Summer is just around the corner and we all know how sweltering Texas summers can be. Many people replace or install a new air conditioning system in their residential or commercial properties right before the start of these dog days. If you are one of those owners and can’t settle on the type of air conditioning system, then you should read this article. 

Here, we are going to discuss all the benefits of a central refrigerated air conditioner that you can’t get with other alternatives, say, evaporative cooling systems. It is also important to mention here that expert contractors of air conditioning service in Cypress, TX corroborate all the benefits that we are going to discuss.

1) Central Refrigerated Air Conditioners Deliver Dual Cooling Action

Humidity adds to the nuisance factor of Texas summers. In Cypress, the humidity levels can soar up to 70% during peak summers.  For that matter, seasoned technicians of air conditioning service in Cypress, TX always recommend property owners to go with a system that has dual cooling action to kill off both heat and humidity. The refrigerant-driven cooling mechanism of air conditioners takes care of both these unwanted elements of warm weather. 

Let’s see how: 

  • The refrigerant coils of a central air conditioner cool down the warm dampen air of the interior. The freezing temperature of refrigerant coils converts this dampness into a liquid form which is then drained out through the condenser unit. Meanwhile, the cool air without the moisture is blown into different parts of the building through vents. 

This twofold action of refrigerated air conditioner provides more effective and long-lasting cooling given that the unit is maintained by any first-rate company of air conditioning service in Cypress, TX. 

On the other hand, evaporator coolers only provide with cool air and that too with additional moisture. Firstly, it doesn’t offer that comfortable ‘chilliness ‘of refrigerated units. Secondly, blowing more moisture into an already humid atmosphere creates the conditions for an unhygienic environment. Most insect species thrive in highly humid conditions. Similarly, high moisture levels also provide favorable growing conditions to fungus and mold spores. 

In short, the refrigerated air conditioner can also protect you and your family from humidity-induced allergies and your pocket from fumigation costs. 

You Can Save Dehumidification Cost 

In the absence of a refrigerated air conditioner, you have the option of a standalone dehumidifier to get rid of extra moisture from the air. However, seasoned contractors of air conditioning service in Cypress, TX advise against that for two reasons. 

  1. You will have to take care of its upfront cost and installation and then recurrent maintenances. 
  2. You may have to pay more than $100 every year in your energy bills to run a mid-range humidifier. 

There is no sound reason for spending on a separate dehumidifier when you can get its function from a refrigerated air conditioner.  A unit working with full refrigerant levels takes care of all the extra moisture in the air. So, make sure any good company of air conditioning service in Cypress, TX keeps a regular check on your AC system’s refrigerant levels.

2) Central Refrigerated Air Conditioners Ensures Fresh and Healthy Air 

Besides taking out the big adversary of humidity from your interior, the refrigerated AC assembly also ensures that the cool breeze in your surroundings remains fresh and healthy. All the vents connected to central refrigerated air conditioner are fitted filters that make sure that every nook and corner of the house is supplied with fresh breathable air.

Modern air filters come with micro-filtration abilities. From dust to pathogens—they are able to entrap every airborne irritant and pollutant.  Such a comprehensive built-in air filtration system doesn’t come with any other cooling system as noted by many seasoned contractors of air conditioning service in Cypress, TX.

3) Central Refrigerated Air Conditioner Provides Steady Cooling 

Experienced contractors of air conditioning service in Cypress, TX agree that homeowners with inconsistent and abrupt cooling systems are the most annoyed lot. There is no doubt that a running but inconsistent cooling system tests your patience to the max. 

Qualified technicians providing air conditioning service in Cypress, TX have also concluded that portable air conditioning systems and evaporator coolers face the issue of inconsistency more often. On the other hand, centralized refrigerated air conditioners are made for consistent, uninterrupted, and uniform calling. 

Besides ensuring the needed comfort, consistent cooling of a centralized air conditioner is also an upside. That’s because:

It saves you money: Inconsistent cooling units have to run for more time resulting in hiked up energy bills. The refrigerated air conditioner is considered an expensive option, but its consistent cooling work makes up for that. 

It’s convenient to operate: Users have to constantly engage with a cooling system if it is not giving steady results. Checking/readjusting the regulator and checking water levels (in case of swamp coolers) become constant chores when systems are not designed for consistent operations. You don’t experience all these minor inconveniences when you operate central refrigerated air conditioners. 

If you take care of your refrigerated unit through an experienced company of air conditioning service in Cypress, TXthen it’s fully guaranteed that you will be able to get consistent cooling. 

4) Central Refrigerated Air Conditioners Make for a Good Investment 

Unlike portable cooling systems and swamp coolers, central refrigerated air conditioners come with an extended operating life.  With routine tune-ups and timely repairs, any good quality central AC can optimally work for 15+ years.  You can’t get such extended functionality from any other air conditioning system. In addition, the installation of centralized refrigerated air conditioning also adds to the real estate value of your residential and commercial property. 

If you are sold on the benefits of a central refrigerated air conditioner, then call Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning. The company provides excellent air conditioning service in Cypress, TX through its team of qualified and experienced HVAC technicians.