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Furnace Efficiency Tips | Air Conditioning Service

To say that this winter has been colder than normal for much of the country is an understatement. Common complaints this winter have been the furnace not providing adequate heat, or that it is not performing as efficiently as in previous years. This doesn’t necessarily mean your furnace is failing, or that your thermostat needs to be replaced. Three common factors (besides a colder than normal winter) that are often involved in an underperforming furnace include a clean furnace filter, adequate insulation and providing routine heating and air conditioning service.

Change or Clean the Furnace Filter

It’s easy to forget to change the air filter, and the best way to remember it is to make it a habit on the same day. If you change the filter every month on the first day, you will be able to remember it better. If your filter requires changing every three months you will still want to check it monthly. That way, if remodeling, cleaning out the attic, or excavation next door stirs up more dust, your filter won’t be in such bad shape as it would two months down the line.

A dirty furnace filter is extremely detrimental for your furnace, its performance, efficiency and lifespan. Not only is your home receiving less air, but the restricted air flow to the furnace is distributing detrimental dust throughout the system and into your home. An HVAC system starving for air is overworked, causing premature wear and can result in damage or a fire. In addition, the dirty furnace is going to require a professional cleaning and heating and air conditioning service. Ultimately, a clean filter is the best investment in your system’s performance, efficiency and longevity.

Furnace Maintenance

Annual maintenance is the second most important investment in your furnace. A clean, well-tuned furnace will perform optimally, efficiently and last longer. There is more to the annual maintenance checkup than just cleaning. It includes oiling components that create friction so they don’t seize up, inspecting the combustion chamber for dangerous cracks or holes, and checking electrical connections to name a few. A loose wiring connection can result in the system using substantially more electricity, and worn parts can result in shutting the system down on the coldest night of the season. Equally important is systems under warranty, the failure to provide the recommended heating or air conditioning service maintenance may void the warranty.

Furnace tune-ups and air conditioning service is recommended once a year, and a certified professional HVAC technician can detect problems before they cause system failure, or larger more costly issues. Annual service will protect your investment, maintain peak performance and efficiency and extend its lifespan, while you maintaining a warm comfortable home.

An Adequately Insulated Home

Adequate insulation is required to keep a home warm. Inspect the insulation in the attic, if the ceiling joists are visible, insulation needs to be added. Insulation will lose its density over time.

In addition, insulation guidelines change periodically and though your home’s insulation may have been to code when built, it could now be not to code. If your home seems to be cooling down faster than it used to after the heat cycle shuts off, inspect the attic insulation. Additionally, check for air intrusion around windows, doors, and plumbing.

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