Furnace & Air Conditioning Tune-up

Furnace & Air Conditioning Tune-up

Furnace Tune-Up in Katy | Air Conditioning Service

Providing the annual heating and air conditioning service to your home’s HVAC system system is one of the two most important actions a homeowner can take to ensure the longest service life possible of the system. Now that fall has arrived, and winter approaches, it is time to schedule an inspection and furnace tune-up in Katy.

You may think because the HVAC system was tuned-up last fall that it should be fine for this year. However, tune-ups are not the only reason for annual heating and air conditioning service. For example, a gas furnace can develop deposits due to combustion that not only reduce the performance and efficiency, but can cause dangerous levels of carbon monoxide gas to accumulate in your home. In other words, the system needs to be cleaned and inspected to ensure safe and efficient operation each year.

There are numerous benefits and reasons for annual heating and air conditioning service with inspection and tune-up. Let’s have a look at them:

  1. The inspection can identify components that are weakening or not functioning as they should. If not addressed with repair or replacement, they can leave your family without heat during the cold winter.
  2. Inspection will identify if the burner has developed dangerous holes, cracks or if it requires cleaning. These conditions single or together can present life threatening, health and safety issues.
  3. Inspection can identify an electrical problem or a fan motor in need of lubrication to prevent it from locking up, or even starting a fire.
  4. The flues are how a gas operated furnace ventilates deadly carbon monoxide to the outside of the home. A partially clogged flue can place your family at risk. An inspection will identify if the flue needs to be cleaned.
  5. Properly maintained HVAC equipment will last longer, and by identifying problems early, can prevent more costly repairs from developing.
  6. Equipment that receives annual heating and air conditioning service runs more efficiently, saving you money on the cost of operation, while maintaining comfort.
  7. Numerous manufacturers require routine maintenance to maintain the factory warranty.

Furnace Issues and Warning Signs

While a furnace won’t always give warning signs of impending problems, there are some signs to be aware of:

  1. A pure blue flame is a normal ignition flame in a gas furnace. If the flame appears yellow, orange or red, contact your HVAC provider. The pure blue color indicates know the furnace is receiving the correct mixture of oxygen and gas. Prompt attention is required if the flame is not blue.
  2. Unusual odors and sounds are a warning of the need for repair or replacement in gas or electrical furnaces. Some odor is expected when a furnace has been unused over the summer months due to the collection of dust on the burner. Dust should burn off fairly quickly. Examples of unusual odors to be aware of are burning wire or insulation smells and burning oil smells. If you detect unusual odors, shut the furnace off immediately and call your HVAC technician for heating and air conditioning service.
  3. An aging furnace is more vulnerable to frequent breakdown and complete failure. Routine maintenance can help to extend the service life of a furnace, but eventually the furnace will fail and require replacement. When keeping an old furnace going requires frequent repair, you would do better to consider investing the continued repair costs into a new and reliable furnace.
  4. Thermostats will also eventually become worn and fail. Signs of thermostat issues are a system that runs too often, or too little and failing to maintain a consistent temperature in your home.

The second most important action a homeowner can provide to their homes heating and air conditioning is to inspect and/or clean or change the filter monthly. Not all filters will require a monthly change, but filters should be checked each month to ensure proper operation and efficiency. Proper care or change will depend upon the type of filter used.

If you haven’t already called for fall heating and air conditioning service on your HVAC system give Cypress a call. Our certified and experienced HVAC technicians will provide the inspection and furnace tune-up in Katy that you need, to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your home’s furnace.