Furnace Installation | Heating and Air Conditioning

Furnace Installation | Heating and Air Conditioning

Furnace Installation | Heating and Air Conditioning

Modern furnaces in the southern half of the U.S. operate on electricity, propane, or natural gas. Natural gas furnaces are the most popular type of furnace installation, typically due to natural gas being the least expensive source of energy. Electric furnaces are 100% energy efficient, without the waste of energy. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean electricity will be the best choice for your home. Comparing the cost of electricity vs. the cost of natural gas, provides an idea of which energy source is the best option for your area. In addition, if you have questions, or would like an estimate for a new heating and air conditioning system, call the Nate certified, licensed professionals of Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning.

Rural locations typically only have the options of propane or electric heat. Electric heat operates cleaner, and is typically less costly to operate than propane. Due to its cost, propane heating is not recommended. Furthermore, today’s electric furnace will operate more efficiently, and a heat pump offers excellent energy efficiency with the technology of stage and variable speed fans and compressors. Our heating and air conditioning professionals can provide your home with the furnace or heat pump option you need.

Gas Furnace Installation

When Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning installs a gas furnace, you can rely on the comfort, and reliability. Give us a call to schedule a gas furnace installation today.

Electric Furnace Installation

Modern electric furnaces have vastly improved in delivering energy efficiency. An electric furnace installation by our Nate certified technicians’ ensures your comfort for cold winter weather. Contact a Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning professional today.

Sized for Your Home’s Unique Characteristics

Receiving the proper size furnace or HVAC system for your home isn’t as simple as determining the precise square footage. Determining the right size unit involves industry standards that ensure the proper sizing of a furnace or HVAC system. As you receive estimates, ask the technicians how they’re determining the units size. If the unit size is based only on the square footage – pass them over. Numerous factors are involved in determining the appropriate size furnace and/or heating and air conditioning system. The factors involving include the amount of insulation in the home, the number, type, size, quality, and facing direction of windows and doors, for example. 

Furthermore, do yourself a favor and don’t insist on purchasing an oversized unit. Both oversized and undersized units will drive the energy bill up, the units will experience premature wear and a reduced lifespan, and reduce your comfort.  

When you hire the certified heating and air conditioning professionals of Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning for furnace installation and replacement services, our experienced professionals ensure the right size furnace for your home. 

Professional Furnace Installation 

When our professionals’ provide furnace installation and replacement, you’re assured of receiving optimal performance, efficiency and lifespan from the system. An improperly installed furnace won’t heat effectively, and it won’t run as efficiently as it’s designed to. The purchase of a furnace is an investment you want to last as long as possible, and having our professionals provide installation will ensure the receipt of what you’re paying for.

Once the furnace installation or replacement is complete, our professionals will ensure you understand how to operate the new furnace, ensuring you receive the greatest benefit from it for many years to come.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning’s professionals offer expertise for reliable furnace installation, as well as furnace repair and maintenance for your home or office. Contact us for all your heating and air conditioning needs. We serve Katy, Plano, and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.