Furnace Repair: Causes Of Furnace Odors | The Woodlands, TX

Furnace Repair: Causes Of Furnace Odors | The Woodlands, TX

It’s normal for your furnace to produce some odors. For instance, a burning smell may fill your living space when you turn the furnace on during the beginning of the winter season in The Woodlands, TX. Such burning odors are normal and should not cause any panic. This is because the HVAC gathers dust within the duct, heat exchanger, and ignition as it operates throughout the years.

Thus, it’s common for the furnace to give off a burning smell when turned on at the beginning of every season as the dust within the system burns off. This unpleasant smell does not significantly affect your indoor air quality because it disappears later.

However, some smells could indicate something is wrong with your system, and it would be wise to seek furnace repair services immediately. If you detect a smell of rotten eggs in your home, then your HVAC system could be leaking, and you should contact a qualified repair technician immediately. Other signs to watch include mold and mildew within the ductwork. In this blog post, we’ve covered common causes of abnormal odors in furnaces.

Grimy Furnace Filter

Furnace filters become clogged over time because they trap particles present in the air, such as pet dander, airborne contaminants, and dust. When these filters accumulate enough debris, they cause grime and dust to recirculate through the HVAC, causing a foul odor in your house.

Also, when the dust burns off at the beginning of the season, the dirty filter will trap some odor particles causing an unpleasant scent.

That’s why you need to check your air filters regularly and replace them whenever they become dirty. To be on the safe side, you can have some extra air filters so that you can quickly conduct a replacement when the need arises. You can hire a furnace repair company to work regular preventative maintenance on your unit to extend the furnace’s lifespan.

Overworked Blower Motor

Dirty furnace filters or clogged ventilation lines put your furnace at risk of overheating. Also, blocked air return ducts can cause poor movement, preventing cold air from flowing into the unit. This causes hot air to be trapped within the furnace, resulting in overheating the blower motor and heat exchanger.

An overheated furnace may shut down because the system is built with internal limit switches that flip to protect internal parts. It will emit a burning smell, and if no prompt action is taken.,the heat exchanger will crack, leading to carbon monoxide accumulation in your house.

When you notice you have an overheated furnace, you can inspect the air filters and replace them if they are dirty. Sometimes the issue could be due to thermostats or obstructed vents. Thus, it’s vital to ensure all the vents are open and that the thermostat is set in the required heat setting.

If the furnace is still overheating after performing the inspections, then you should look for a professional furnace repair provider in The Woodlands, TX, to troubleshoot your HVAC.

Wires Burning

A burning smell could mean an issue with electrical connections within the HVAC system. This may happen if the insulation on the wire has been damaged due to incorrect placement, physical trauma, or improper voltage, leading to insulation burn-off. It’s wise to immediately contact a furnace repair expert to detect a burning smell because the sizzling wiring can lead to a house fire.

The professional will check, replace, or tighten the problematic wires in such cases. To avoid these electrical issues, you can have a furnace repair company conduct inspections and turn-ups at the beginning of the season.


Dampness causes mold growth. Places with high humidity tend to have moldy furnaces. Also, if your furnace stays cool and damp, mold growth may occur in or around the heater area. Mold spores are pushed into your house when the furnace is running, affecting your indoor air quality.

Mold smell is musty, damp, difficult to remove, and may lead to health problems. Thus, it’s crucial to have a qualified furnace repair professional resolve the issue problem immediately.

A competent furnace repair company will locate the mold in the HVAC system and advise on a simple maintenance program to prevent future mold growth. For systems with more significant mold problems, the professionals may recommend you invest in a germicidal ultraviolet (UV) light to curb mold growth and eradicate the persistent fungus.


Your home may smell musty if your furnace sits in the basement. If your basement lacks waterproofing mechanisms, it will be damp and humid, causing moisture to settle on the heater. Therefore, when the furnace is running, the dampness will burn off, creating a smell of dampness in your home. Fortunately, this moisture will disappear as the furnace continues running.

If the musty odor is persistent or gets stronger, then you could be dealing with mold or mildew. In such cases, a furnace repair professional can thoroughly clean the furnace and ductwork.

There’s a Problem with Your Home’s Ventilation

Proper ventilation is essential to ensure fresh air is drawn in and properly circulated throughout your home. Inadequate ventilation may lead to foul odor and excess moisture in the air. If the area near the HVAC’s indoor vent is contaminated, it can lead to furnace smells.

The smell of urine and pet hair is the most common cause of vent contamination. It’s important to always inspect the vent area for any mess that may need cleaning.

Old Filters

Old furnace filters may produce a smell of motor oil. In such cases, you’ll need to conduct a replacement because the filter is already worn-out. But, if the smell is still present even after performing a filter replacement, then there could be a severe oil leak that would need the expertise of a competent repair professional.

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