Furnace Repair| Heating and Air Conditioning

Furnace Repair| Heating and Air Conditioning

Furnace Repair| Heating and Air Conditioning

Recognizing the signs of a problem with the furnace can provide an advance warning that furnace repair is needed, enabling you to schedule service, and avoid an emergency service call for repair of the heating and air conditioning system.

Ensuring annual maintenance of your home’s heating and air conditioning is the best means of maintaining peak performance and efficiency, and extending the system’s lifespan. In addition, there are further benefits of annual maintenance, which include:

The annual inspection enables the HVAC technician to identify worn components, and to provide repair of the heating and air conditioning system before a breakdown occurs.

If your home’s heating is fueled by gas, the inspection will identify if the burner has developed dangerous holes, cracks or if it requires cleaning. This prevents an emergency involving gas from occurring.

An inspection can identify worn electrical components with the potential to leave you without conditioned air, or to start a fire.

The safety of gas-fueled households relies on the proper function and condition of the furnace’s exhaust flue to vent deadly carbon monoxide to the outside of the home. An inspection will identify if the flue is clogged, damaged and needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Properly maintained heating and air conditioning equipment will last longer, requires less repair, provides greater reliability, consistent comfort, and energy efficiency.

Factory warranty’s often require professionally provided annual maintenance to remain in effect.

Furnace Repair

As the weather gets colder, it is normal for the furnace to cycle more frequently. However, short cycling indicates a problem is occurring in the heating system. Short cycling is different from the normal increased cycling that occurs with colder temperatures. It differs by repeatedly cycling off and on without adequately heating your home. In simple words, the furnace does not run long enough to heat your home as it should, before cutting off.

Our certified technicians work on all brands of heating and air conditioning equipment with expertise you can rely on.

Causes of Short Cycling

The following are common causes of furnace problems:

• A dirty air filter is a common cause of heating and air conditioning problems. The filter protects the system from damaging dust and particulates. Air is unable to move through a clogged filter, starving the system of air, overworking and overheating it, and can cause damage or shutdown.

• Problems with the thermostat can cause cycling issues or even the failure to come on. If the thermostat has batteries, check them, or the thermostat may need to be replaced. Thermostats must be compatible with the HVAC system, and when it is time for a new heating and air conditioning installation it is a wise decision to install a new, compatible thermostat for the best performance.

• Sensors, switches, and safety mechanisms may be bad. Trust the diagnosis and repair of your system only to a certified technician. This action will ensure your safety and proper performance.

• Ventilation – Blocked exhaust ventilation is a dangerous condition when the furnace is gas. The ventilation pipe should be inspected during fall maintenance to ensure it is open and undamaged before the furnace is placed into use.

Furthermore, all homes with gas appliances should have functional carbon monoxide detectors. Replace the batteries every 6 months, and test monthly. If carbon monoxide detectors alarm, evacuate your home of all occupants. Call 911, and your HVAC technician for expert repair.

Annual Maintenance Saves Money

You can reduce breakdowns and performance issues by having your furnace thoroughly inspected and tuned up prior to the onset of the heating season. Routine maintenance will lower winter heating costs, while extending the lifespan of the system.

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