Gas vs Electric Heating & Air Conditioning

Gas vs Electric Heating & Air Conditioning

Gas vs. Electric Heat | Heating and Air Conditioning

If you are faced with the purchase of a new heating and air conditioning system, you may be debating gas vs. electric heat as the best choice for your home. The answer actually depends upon your climate conditions, and the type of system you select.

Electric Heat

Electric heating sources are great for warmer climates. Electric heat provides clean, comfortable heat without an excessive electric bill, until extreme cold occurs. The air source heat pump can struggle to heat your home when the temperatures are very cold. During frigid weather, back-up heat will be needed when you use a heat pump, and the electric cost will rise. However, there is an efficient heat pump alternative for heating and air conditioning that we will cover later in this blog.

Gas Heat

Gas HVAC systems operate efficiently in sub-freezing temperatures without a loss of heating ability as the temperatures fall. However, many persons are uncomfortable with the risks that natural gas poses. The main risks of gas are explosion and fire. Additional risk factors include carbon monoxide poisoning and asphyxiation. The occurrence of an explosion and fire are very low, and all of the risk factors become minimal when annual maintenance and tune-ups are provided, and carbon monoxide detectors are installed and maintained.

An additional factor that must be considered for gas heat is the cost of gas in your area. The cost can vary widely, with gas providing a very economical selection for some areas, and excessively priced in others.

Combined Technology

As previously mentioned, there is an alternative that provides the best of both options. The installation of a hybrid heating and air conditioning system will provide both gas and electricity for heating. You will enjoy the benefit of electricity’s efficiency during milder temperatures, and the system will automatically provide your home with the warmth you require during sub-freezing temperatures.

The hybrid system utilizes sensors to determine which heating source is appropriate for the current conditions, directing the operation of either the gas furnace or the electric heat pump. This enables you to maintain comfort without excessive operating costs.

Hybrid Systems Provide Cooling

It is like having three systems in one, with all components neatly packaged into one outdoor unit. The system provides two energy sources that are automatically controlled, providing optimal heating, while the heat pump also operates as an air conditioner for energy efficient cooling during the sweltering summer months. It provides the best of both worlds in heating and air conditioning, maintaining your family’s comfort and operating efficiently and cleanly.

This arrangement is especially beneficial for homes with limited indoor space. The ability to install a packaged hybrid heating system will depend on your current HVAC configuration and your home’s structure. In addition, the hybrid system is available as a split system for those who already have a split system AC and a furnace.

An additional factor that must be considered for either hybrid system is the access to natural gas. If your home isn’t already equipped for gas appliances, the hybrid solution may not be an option. If natural gas is available, but simply not installed in your home, a gas supply can be provided, enabling you to take advantage of the hybrid split system.

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