Geothermal Heat Pump | Heating and Air Conditioning

Geothermal Heat Pump | Heating and Air Conditioning

Geothermal Heat Pump | Heating and Air Conditioning

The geothermal heat pump uses electricity and the thermal energy stored beneath the ground. The system provides a heating and air conditioning system that is good for the environment, and your energy budget. Beneath your lawn or in a pond, the temperature remains a relatively consistent temperature, unlike the outdoor air temperature. Geothermal technology takes advantage of this to precondition the temperature of the refrigerant that heats and cools your home. This saves you money by reducing the amount of energy required, and it ensures a source of heating and cooling without the effects of extreme outdoor temperatures.  

Geothermal systems are the gold standard for energy efficiency, reliability and a long lifespan. In addition, the technology offers the opportunity to save even further when you add a hot water supplemental system. 

Quiet Operation

Geothermal systems are exceptionally quiet. There is no outdoor component to disturb the neighbors. This provides the additional benefit of increased reliability as the unit is not subjected to weathering and extreme weather or vandalism.

Extended Life Span

When properly maintained, the typical lifespan of a geothermal heat pump is 25 years, while the underground components have a lifespan of about 50 years under normal conditions. No other HVAC system can compare to the durability or performance of the geothermal heat pump system. 

The Investment That Pays

A geothermal heat pump is an investment in comfort, with energy savings that begin immediately and continue to give back decade after decade. While the initial investment in geothermal technology is higher than for a air sourced heat pump, the energy savings and available tax credits and potential rebates can offset the costs of the installation. The geothermal heat pump can provide a return on your investment in as little as 3-5 years. Geothermal systems can save up to 70% on the cost of heating, and as much as 40% on air conditioning costs. 


When the geothermal heat pump is compared to other HVAC systems it offers little disadvantage other than the initial cost, and the need for land to install the underground components. This is in part due to the installation of the ground heat exchanger. The heat exchanger enables it to yield up to 4 kilowatts of heat for every 1 kilowatt of electricity consumed. When considering the cost of investing in geothermal technology, most homeowner’s see the return on their investment through energy savings in 2 to 10 years, depending upon your location, and the cost of energy in a traditional HVAC system. 

Professional Installation

The geothermal heat pump system is not your typical heating and air conditioning system. For this reason, it is essential to ensure you hire an installer with the experience, knowledge, and proficiency in geothermal technology and installation. These attributes are key to ensuring your satisfaction, and the performance of the geothermal heating and air conditioning system. 

The geothermal installation requires some land to install the pipes that take advantage of the ground temperature. The pipes can be installed in the vertical or horizontal. The horizontal field is less costly, but does require adequate land for installation, whereas the vertical installation requires far less land, but is more costly to install. In addition, if a water source is available, such as a pond, it may provide an alternative to ground installation. 

Environmentally Approved

Geothermal systems provide the most environmentally friendly heating and air conditioning available. As with other all-electric systems, geothermal systems do not emit greenhouse or dangerous gasses, which contribute to air quality pollution. Furthermore, the low demand for electricity reduces the peak grid demand and pollution by electric generating plants.


Minimal maintenance of geothermal heat pumps is necessary to ensure that the system provides the energy efficiency and comfort responsible for its popularity. However, when compared to other heating and air conditioning systems, the geothermal system is typically less costly to maintain. 

If you would like additional information about a geothermal heating and air conditioning system, contact a Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning professional. Our HVAC technicians offer the expertise required for the proper and professional installation of a geothermal heat pump system for your home. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning professionals serve Katy, Plano and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with a consistent A+ rating.