Geothermal Heating & Air Conditioning |Katy, TX

Geothermal Heating & Air Conditioning |Katy, TX

Geothermal Heat Pumps | Air Conditioning Katy, TX

Geothermal heat pumps use the free, renewable energy from the earth itself, by utilizing the consistent temperatures underground. The geothermal heat pump uses the consistent temperature to provide energy efficient heating and air conditioning in Katy, TX. If you would like the opportunity to save up to 70% in energy costs, the new Carrier PerformanceTM series GT model offers the ability to do so. The geothermal model is available for closed- or open-loop installations, and offered in forced-air or water-to-air systems with 2-stage compression and a variable-speed blower for providing the year-round comfort Carrier is known for.

Furthermore, right now geothermal heat pumps are more affordable than ever with a 30% federal tax credit still available on qualified geothermal heating and air conditioning systems. That is almost a third off, and you may qualify for additional credits and rebates at state, and local levels in addition to potential rebates from a number of Texas utility companies.

Check out your utility company’s website or speak to a qualified HVAC contractor about upgrading your home with geothermal heating and air conditioning in Katy, TX, and your eligibility to receive a rebate and enjoy lower energy bills. Carrier’s geothermal heat pumps offer the following:


  • Closed loop cooling: Up to 32.0 EER
  • Closed loop heating: Up to 4.7 COP
  • Open loop cooling: Up to 37.0 EER
  • Open loop heating Up to 5.2 COP
  • ENERGY STAR ® qualified in all sizes.


  • Superior temperature and humidity control.
  • Excellent cold weather performance.
  • Quiet fan operation. STANDARD FEATURES
  • Corrosion-resistant air coil for extended life span.
  • Stainless steel evaporator drain pan.
  • Environmentally sound, non-ozone depleting Puron® refrigerant.
  • 10-year limited warranty on all internal components. Optional 10 year extended labor warranty on all parts.


  • Supplemental, free hot water generation.
  • Internally-mounted auxiliary heat.


  • High-efficiency, variable-speed blower motor for ultimate comfort and quiet operation.
  • Two-stage scroll compressor for unmatched comfort and performance.
  • Fully insulated cabinet, compressor blanket and double-isolation compressor mounting system.
  • Comfort Alert™ compressor diagnostics.
  • DXM2 microprocessor control allows 2-way communication with smart components, such as the thermostat, fan motor and water pump for precise control of your geothermal heating and air conditioning in Katy, TX.
  • Performance™ Edge® relative humidity thermostat is recommended.


  • 2-6 ton cooling
  • 24,000-72,000 Btu/h heating

Long Life Span

With proper maintenance, a geothermal heat pump will typically last for 25 years, while the underground components have an expected life span of 50 years under normal conditions.

Installation Expertise

Due to the complexities of the geothermal heat pump system, and its exacting installation, ensure you hire a qualified HVAC contractor possessing the training and experience in geothermal technology and installation. Experience and knowledge is essential to your satisfaction, the system’s life span and the performance of your geothermal heating and air conditioning in Katy, TX.

Contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning to learn more about geothermal heat pumps, or to schedule an appointment to determine if energy efficient geothermal heating and air conditioning in Katy, TX is right for your home. Our certified and experienced HVAC technicians offer the expertise required for the proper installation of geothermal heat pumps system. We serve Katy, Plano and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with a consistent A+ rating.