Geothermal System| Air Conditioning Installation

Geothermal System| Air Conditioning Installation

While passive solar is recognized as the cheapest form of heating your home, it requires a home designed and constructed to take advantage of the conversion of sunlight into heat as it passes through sun-facing windows, and a home designed to hold the heat inside with the appropriate sealing and insulation. However, back-up heating is required for periods of very cold temperatures and reduced sunlight. For those who don’t plan to build a home in order to take advantage of solar, a geothermal system is the solution for the most efficient HVAC available. Contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning for additional information, or to schedule heating and air conditioning installation.

The geothermal system uses electricity, although significantly less than other systems. Furthermore, the geothermal system itself does not release air pollutants such as natural gas will. Geothermal systems are an excellent way to save energy for both heating and air conditioning.

How It Works

The geothermal system circulates fluid through coils beneath the ground. This process takes advantage of the near-constant temperature 4 to 6 feet beneath the surface absorbing or dissipating heat depending on the season. In cold weather, the underground temperature is warmer than the outside air, and the home is warmed by heat brought in from the earth. During warm weather, the underground temperature is cooler than the outside air, and the home is cooled by the movement of heat from inside the home and dissipated into the cooler temperatures of the earth.

There are three basic types of geothermal configurations available for your consideration: Open Loop, Vertical Loop and Horizontal Loop system. A Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning expert will assist you in determining which type of heating and air conditioning installation works best for you.

Open Loop – Uses existing groundwater, such as in a lake or pond as a heat transfer medium.

Horizontal Loop – When an adequate amount of property is available, a horizontal loop extends out across the area. This type is typically buried 4 to 6 ft. beneath the ground surface.

Vertical Loop – A vertical loop is an option when property space is limited. The coils are buried vertically and deeply into the earth. This method has a higher cost than the horizontal or open loop method.

The Environmental Protection Agency recognizes geothermal systems as one of the most efficient ways to heat and air condition your home.  The system can save you up to 70% on the cost of heating and air conditioning. In fact, the system operates with such high efficiency that it can return as much as four dollars of energy for every dollar spent on electricity. Geothermal systems can also be configured to assist with hot water. Geothermal is a sustainable energy source that remains efficient year after year for all seasons. If you want to achieve the greatest impact in reducing energy bills, give us a call for geothermal heating and air conditioning installation.

An additional factor to consider when researching the options for a new heating and air conditioning installation is the longer life cycle (20-25 years), of the geothermal system, with the loop field lasting up to 50 years.


The heat pump component of the geothermal system is installed in an indoor location, providing protection from outdoor weather conditions. Typically, periodic inspection, maintenance, and filter changes are the only required maintenance.

Geothermal Heating and Air Conditioning Installation

The installation of a geothermal system will cost more than an air source heat pump or other system. This is in part due to the excavation required for the ground loop system. However, the significant energy savings you will receive typically means the system pays for itself in a reasonable amount of time. An added bonus is that will continue to provide energy savings throughout the systems extended life span with periodic maintenance.

To receive additional information, or to schedule geothermal heating and air conditioning installation, contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning. Our NATE certified technicians offer the expertise required for the proper installation of a geothermal system, or other high efficiency systems. We serve Katy, Plano and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with a consistent A+ rating.