Get Ready For Fall With Air Conditioning Service & Furnace Maintenance

Get Ready For Fall With Air Conditioning Service & Furnace Maintenance

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With the first day of fall only days away, it’s time to start thinking of crisp nights and the approach of winter. The warm days of a fading summer can lull you into thinking that cold weather remains distant. Then one day, the forecasters issue a forecast of approaching cold temperatures. You turn the furnace on to test it and nothing happens. You meant to call the technician for the annual heating and air conditioning service. The question is, with cold weather approaching, have you waited too long for it and furnace maintenance?

Don’t let this happen, call now to schedule heating and air conditioning service for your home’s HVAC system before cold weather arrives. Once the weather starts turning, HVAC professionals will be covered up, beat the rush and schedule an annual tune-up and inspection now.

The furnace has been idle since last winter, and you should ensure it’s safe and ready to heat the home. A pre-season tune-up will provide a full system inspection to identify any problems and replace components with wear. For example, an inspection of the furnace will reveal loose connections, gas leaks, and the burner will be checked for soot, dirt and other debris indicating the need for a good cleaning. Other components requiring oil, and cleaning will be addressed ensuring that clean operation and efficiency are enhanced.

In gas furnaces, the vent lines will be inspected during the heating and air conditioning service and inspection, to ensure they aren’t clogged. The ventilation exhausts deadly carbon monoxide, and if blocked would allow the deadly gas to fill your home. Equally important are the safety checks the HVAC technician will provide to ensure the furnace isn’t overheating, for example. This is also a good time to put new batteries into your homes carbon monoxide detectors and ensure they function properly by testing. There should be at least one on each floor, and ensure detectors are located near all bedrooms.

An additional benefit of pre-season heating and air conditioning service, is that it will ensure ample time for repair before the temperature drops and catches you unprepared.

A pre-season inspection and tune-up by a certified HVAC technician will ensure that the heating system is prepared for the coming winter, finely tuned to provide optimum efficiency and performance, and is safe to use. Annual maintenance is crucial to ensuring the longevity of the system.

Eventually all heating and air conditioning systems will experience wear and require repair or replacement. If the pre-season tune-up reveals it’s time for a new heating and air conditioning system, a newer system will operate with greater efficiency, saving on the cost of energy and increasing your home’s comfort.

The benefits don’t stop there, by selecting an Energy Star qualifying system you may be eligible for a federal tax credit, and potentially state, local and energy supplier credits and rebates, reducing the cost of purchasing a new HVAC system for your home. Call now for pre-season heating and air conditioning service and tune-up by a Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning certified professional.

It’s well known, routine heating and air conditioning service will benefit your system, home and wallet. Even if the annual service has been neglected for a few years, you can still benefit by providing pre-season heating and air conditioning service. In summary, these benefits include:

  • Improved efficiency – A heating and air conditioning system can only attain the expected benefits if it’s clean. The soiled condition of components creates friction causing the system to consume more energy and increasing wear and tear.
  • Improved comfort – As a neglected system experiences decreased efficiency your comfort level will suffer. Your home may not seem as warm as it was in the past. A clean, well lubricated system will operate at peak capacity, and provide optimal home comfort.
  • Extended life – A furnace system will typically last approximately 15 years, and in some cases even longer, when it receives routine annual heating and air conditioning service.
  • Low costs – The provision of annual maintenance with heating and air conditioning service will ensure that costs are reduced. A clean, lubricated system reduces component failure due to wear and tear, keeping repair costs down and energy savings high.
  • Change the Filter – Changing the filter may seem to be a simple thing. In fact, it’s the only maintenance a homeowner can provide and is an extremely important factor in the efficiency, performance and longevity of the HVAC system. A dirty air filter places excessive strain upon the unit, leading to increased wear, reduced efficiency and performance, increasing energy costs and leading to excessive repair.
  • Change the air filter once per month. If you use filters that typically require changing every three months, continue to check the filter monthly. Increased dusty conditions will require more frequent changes. If you’re in doubt, changing it’s the best policy.

Fall provides a time for friends and family to gather around the TV watching football games, a time warm days and cool nights. Take the time to ensure your home is ready for the challenges of winter. Get ahead of the game and beat the season’s rush, call Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning’s certified and experienced HVAC technicians to provide furnace maintenance with heating and air conditioning service.