Getting More Out of Your Air Conditioning in Katy

Getting More Out of Your Air Conditioning in Katy

Tips to Stay Cool This Summer| Air Conditioning Katy, TX

With the price of gasoline climbing once again you can expect to see the trickledown effect as electric suppliers pass their increased costs onto the consumer this summer. The following tips to stay cool this summer can assist you in cutting the high cost of electricity by reducing the load on your air conditioning in Katy, TX while enabling your home to remain cooler. Utilizing these tips can result in a lower cost for air conditioning in Katy, TX. If your budget is on a shoestring, select what you can afford to do, it will still add up to savings.

Seal Air Leaks-Windows and doors are the most common sources of air leaks. Check around windows for cracked or missing caulking or seals, and replace caulking/seals as needed. Inspect around doors for improper fit and cracked or broken seals and provide the necessary repairs.

Prevent heat from entering windows and glass doors by adding UV filtering window film to glass. You don’t have to buy new windows, or hire a professional to install it. You can purchase UV filtering window film that is installed with soapy water. It’s a little hard to get on without wrinkles due to its thin nature, but it is removable (very carefully) and can be reapplied, on the other hand, the wrinkles don’t affect its performance, just its appearance. It is available at some major home supply stores, and isn’t cheap but is just as effective it claims to be.

If the budget is tight, white curtains will reflect a lot of the heat coming from sunlight and is better than nothing. White reflects sunlight and its heat, though nowhere near as effectively as window film.

Check the Filter-Change the air filter at least once a month unless your brand recommends otherwise. Your air conditioning in Katy, TX will work more efficiently when you change the filter regular. If it appears dirty, change it.

Avoid Using the Oven-The oven will heat your home up. Use the microwave, serve cold salads, sandwiches and the like. If you must use the oven use a toaster oven if the dish will fit. Better yet use the outdoor grill. If you have to purchase a new grill select a model with cooking eyes on the side.

Use a Dehumidifier-Increased humidity can make it feel hotter than it actually is, the use of a de-humidifier will reduce humidity and make it feel cooler. Dehumidifiers are available in various sizes from room size to house size and include those that can be installed in conjunction with your air conditioning in Katy, TX.

Run Fans-Fans can help cool the home. For ceiling fans ensure yours is on its summer setting if applicable. Fans set about the room or home will help to cool significantly. The higher the HP motor the more air the fans will move.

Install a Digital Thermostat-Digital thermostats are more accurate than others. Some models will allow you to program the ac to cut off when you are gone, and to cut on before you arrive home. This enables you to come home to a cool house without the air conditioning in Katy, TX having to run all day.

Install a Gable Fan-The attic of your home can become extremely heated during the summer months. A gable fan pulls out the super-heated air in the attic, and pulls in the cooler outdoor air through a vent on the opposite end of the house. This results in a cooler attic, and less heat to migrate down through insulation and into your living space. By keeping your attic cooler, it keeps your home cooler reducing the cost of operating your air conditioning in Katy, TX.

Take advantage of shade. It takes time for a tree to grow large enough to provide shade. Go ahead and plant trees on the eastern and western side of your home where they will eventually provide shade that can be as much as 20 degrees cooler than in the sun. Shrubs can assist in shading the lower portion of the home. Trellises with climbing vines can provide some shade to exterior walls.

Take Advantage of Energy Efficient HVAC Systems-If your air conditioning system is over 10 years old it may be advantageous to you invest in a new Energy Star air conditioning installation. Newer technology has created more energy efficient systems. Your HVAC technician is the best source to learn of potential savings with new Energy Star HVAC equipment.

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