Getting Ready For Warm Weather With AC Maintenance

Getting Ready For Warm Weather With AC Maintenance

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Heating and air technicians in the Katy, Texas area are often asked how often a system needs to be serviced. Generally, twice a year is sufficient. Air conditioning should be serviced in the spring before it is needed, and the furnace should be serviced in the fall before cold weather arrives.

If your system has to work extremely hard in overly hot or extreme cold your HVAC system may need more frequent service. Your HVAC technician can best decide if bi-annual service is adequate. You may also refer to the system manufacturers recommended schedule of maintenance. During times of heavy usage checking and changing the filters more frequently will ensure the best performance and longest service life of the system.

Changing the filter is the single most important action that a homeowner can provide besides regular maintenance. A dirty and clogged filter makes your system work harder increasing energy use, and can potentially damage the system. What type filter you have will determine how often you need to change it. All filters should be inspected every month with changing or cleaning as specified by the manufacturer. Even the cheapest filter will keep damaging dirt and debris out of your system. The low cost, blue fiberglass filters at about $1 each must be changed monthly but don’t expect them to clean your air as a HEPA filter will.

Providing routine maintenance will save you money in the long run, by reducing system break downs. Emergency service calls will end up costing you more than a scheduled maintenance check. In addition, a well maintained heating and air system will save you on energy costs.

During routine service your system will be inspected, tuned up, maintenance will be performed and any potential problems can be addressed before they become a larger problem. Dirty coils are a good example of neglect. Not only will it cause your system to have to work harder it can also potentially damage the system. Dirty coils will cause your system to use more energy, and reduces the amount of air flow coming out of the registers diminishing performance and comfort.

Central air conditioning makes our homes more comfortable by making the home cooler and by reducing humidity in the home. For a family member who has respiratory or heart related problems air conditioning is a necessity and can be a matter of life and death. Breakdowns place these family members at risk, and routine service can help to reduce the number of breakdowns that may occur. When you have difficulty breathing, an ac blowing warm air is one of the worst things than can occur.

As cold as this winter has been it is rather surprising to realize that the first day of Spring isn’t too far away. Don’t wait until you need ac repair in Katyair conditioning service now with the service experts at Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning.