How to Go About Air Conditioner Installation in Katy

How to Go About Air Conditioner Installation in Katy

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It is difficult to sleep in Katy summer heat. You may toss and turn in your bed all through the night.  If that is the case, then you are not alone. Most of the population in Katy finds it difficult to sleep at night, especially during peak summer seasons.

Since Katy has a subtropical climate because of its positioning in the Southern Plains of United States, it experiences intense temperatures during summer seasons. Due to this reason, an air conditioning unit is necessary in commercial and residential spaces.

There are a few pointers that you need to keep in mind prior to installing an air conditioning unit in your house. Not only you need to factor in efficiency, cooling capacity and price, but you also need to look for a professional and certified service that has an established reputation for installing HVAC systems in the city.

Following these guidelines will help you in making smart and calculated decisions that will save you needless future costs:


Day of Installation

This is without doubt the most important aspect during the installation of an air conditioner. It lays down the foundation for all future use and subsequent repairs. If this process is accidentally compromised in any way, then you should prepare yourself for excessive repairing costs in the future.

This is the reason why you should hire a reputed service for air conditioner installation in Katy that ensures its customers are completely satisfied with their service.


Insured/Licensed Contractor

In the absence of a licensed/certified professional, you run the risk of hiring an inept service for air conditioner installation in Katy. A less skilled service will merely double your costs in repairing or reinstallation.

Due to this reason, always make sure that you opt for a service that has liability insurance. In a case where a technician damages residential property, you are well within your rights to sue the firm.


Written Terms

After you select a service for air conditioner installation in Katy, now you should demand for a written proposal before fully committing to it. The written contract will protect you against needless job costs, particular models, project schedule and warranty information. Read the terms and ensure that all clauses are in their place.

Never pay in advance, sign an incomplete agreement or a contract that you don’t understand completely. Lastly, keep a copy of all the signed documents.


Mutual Collaboration

It is your responsibility to give as much information about your house as possible. When a contractor arrives at your house for inspection, you should brief him about the house while he inspects it on his own. The inspection will confirm the home layout, square footage, insulation and other important considerations. Weaknesses, if any, will also be recorded in this inspection.

If a service is disinterested in an inspection of your house prior to air conditioner installation in Katy, then you should seek another service that does.


Smart Purchasing Decisions

You may have noticed that there is always a surge in sales of air conditioners during every summer season. Not just that, existing users are also busy getting their ACs operational for the season. In your case, while purchasing an AC, you should keep the following factors in mind:

  • Price
  • Cooling capacity
  • Efficiency

Purchasing an AC during the off-season (winters) is ideal when the prices are low and various companies are selling their products at discounted prices. The same product will be quite expensive during the summer season.


Warranty is Essential

This goes both ways. Warranties provide protection to contractors and homeowners. As a homeowner, you need to deselect those that fail to offer a comprehensive coverage to you. You can do this by rejecting all such services that have an expiration date which quickly ends before your system is fully up and running.

A warranty should be cover at least 1 year after the period of air conditioner installation.


Room Dimensions

This is a very important detail. An expert air conditioner installation in Katy service will first measure the dimensions of your room. It will then determine the right cooling unit that is suitable in accordance with your room’s size. But do keep in mind the following:


  • A cooling unit that has a lower cooling capacity will be inept to meet the needs of your room. It will be additionally burdened to perform above its capacity.
  • A cooling unit that has a higher cooling capacity will have to be turned off and on continuously.


Avoid Subcontracting

Opt for a firm that has its own team of employees. Subcontracting may not always mean a second-rate service, but it has more uncertainty attached to it than a first-rate service. A direct contractor is completely aware about the strengths and weaknesses of its team. Due to this reason, there is a less probability of a botched job since liability could be detrimental to such a business itself.

Like most people, you would also desire that your air conditioner installation process is completely seamless. This is why you should hire a professionally trained and certified team for such a project. This will save huge costs in the future.


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