Healthier Homes With Heating & Air Conditioning Dehumidifiers

Healthier Homes With Heating & Air Conditioning Dehumidifiers

Whole House Dehumidifier | Heating and Air Conditioning

While they are operating, air conditioners provide dehumidification to a certain degree. While this improves your indoor air quality and comfort, when excessive humidity occurs, your home can feel damp and uncomfortable. You can improve the comfort and air quality of your home by installing a whole house dehumidifier from Cypress onto your heating and air conditioning system.

The Benefits of a Whole House Dehumidifier

There are numerous benefits to having a whole house dehumidifier installed with your air conditioning system:

Allergy Symptoms & Health Effects

You don’t have to have a mold problem to be exposed to mold, as mold spores are everywhere in the air. An increased humidity can cause mold to grow and a dehumidifier will curb its growth in your home, as well as in your air conditioning system.

Dust mites are another irritation to allergies that also thrive in humid environments. Dust mites don’t drink water; they absorb it from the air. With a low humidity in the home, dust mites can’t survive.

High humidity makes even those without allergies feel bad. This is due to relative humidity. For example, a temperature of 80 degrees feels like 80 degrees with a relative humidity of 30%. However, after a rain when the relative humidity increases to 80% with a temperature of 90 degrees, it can feel like 112 degrees! Our body cools us down with perspiration and its evaporation. When humidity levels are high it takes longer for evaporation to occur, making us feel hotter. Increased dehumidification during times of high humidity will make us more comfortable, as well as reducing allergens that thrive in moist, humid air.

Increased humidity can increase the emissions of gaseous chemicals into the indoor air. Manufactured wood products containing formaldehyde based glues will release an increase of formaldehyde into the air. Plastic floor products containing polyvinyl chloride (PVC) can also release chemicals when used on a damp concrete slab. A dehumidifier installed in conjunction with the heating and air conditioning system will help to reduce the release of these dangerous chemicals, providing healthier indoor air for the home.

Energy Savings

Because moisture in the air makes you feel warmer, the removal of excess humidity makes you feel cooler, without lowering the thermostat. The ability to run the air conditioner at a higher temperature due to the removal of excess moisture will save you money on the utility bill, while staying comfortably cool.

Additional Benefits of Whole House Dehumidification

Dehumidifiers turn off when the correct level of humidity is reached. Additional benefits of controlled humidity installed in conjunction with your heating and air conditioning system are as follows:

  • Condensation upon pipes, walls and windows is eliminated
  • Musty odors will be eliminated
  • Water staining from condensation will end

Whole House Dehumidifier vs. Portable Dehumidifiers

Whole house dehumidifiers are built into the home’s forced air heating and air conditioning system. A whole house dehumidifier uses your duct system to pull air from all of your home’s rooms, removing the excess moisture and returning drier air to each room. A portable dehumidifier is unable to do this, providing dehumidification to one room only.


The installation of a whole house dehumidifier must be provided by a trained HVAC technician, and is not a DIY project. Improper installation can result in negative effects to the HVAC system as well as its performance, resulting in spotty cooling and an elevated utility bill. The professionals at Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning will provide a professional installation of a whole house dehumidifier for your home. If you are considering a dehumidifier installation in conjunction with your heating and air conditioning system, give us a call for further information, we will be glad to answer your questions and assist you.