Heat Pump | AC Repair Katy

Heat Pump | AC Repair Katy

A heat pump is ideal for warmer climates requiring minimal heating. For homeowners considering their options for replacing an aging HVAC system requiring frequent heating and AC repair in Katy, a heat pump may be the solution you are looking for.

A heat pump uses electricity to move heat, and in the heating mode can deliver up to four times the amount of energy consumed to create it. This enables a heat pump to reduce a home’s energy consumption, resulting in reduced electric bills during the air conditioning season.

Air-Source Heat Pump

The most common type of heat pump is the air-source heat pump. It uses refrigerant to extract heat from the air, providing heat in the winter and cold dehumidified air during the summer through the use of a reversing valve.

When properly sized and installed by a qualified HVAC technician, an air-source heat pump can provide efficient heating and air conditioning for a home. The installer’s qualification is essential in a quality installation and proper sizing. When a unit is improperly sized too small for the home, it can result in the system being overworked, and result in early wear on components and the frequent need for heating and AC repair in Katy.

On the other hand, an oversized unit can cause short cycling, enabling the humidity to rise to unhealthy and uncomfortable levels. HVAC systems are frequently oversized, highlighting the importance of not only a licensed and qualified installer, but also one who assesses the home properly by calculating factors such as the number of windows, the direction they face, their insulating quality, and other factors.

Signs it’s Time to Replace

In addition to the requirement of frequent heating or AC repair in Katy (more than once per year), signs that indicate a worn HVAC system in need of replacement are a musty odor, water leaking on the floor, reduced performance and increased energy consumption. While there are other potential causes, they can indicate a worn system that should be replaced.

Heat pumps have changed over the years, and environmental concerns and legislation has resulted in a trend for consistently improved energy efficiency. Modern versions offer efficient options such as two stage compressors, quietly operating scroll compressors, variable speed fans, and desuperheaters that produce hot water from the excess heat produced by the heat pump.

Energy Star qualified equipment provides greater energy efficiency than a five year old system, as well as being more reliable than equipment lacking the Energy Star. Reliability reduces the need for frequent AC repair in Katy and when coupled with the energy savings, a system can potentially pay for itself.

Heat pumps operate cleanly, and are an ideal solution for persons with allergies, asthma and other respiratory issues. When a high grade filter such as a HEPA filter is utilized, the system achieves greater ability for providing cleaner air throughout the home.

Heat Pump & Air Conditioning Maintenance

Annual maintenance will maintain the proper operation and efficient performance of a heat pump. Efficiency is lost in heat pumps (and other HVAC systems) not receiving annual maintenance. The cost of operating a system lacking maintenance vs. the cost of a well maintained system is as much as 25% more. Furthermore, the lack of maintenance significantly reduces the lifespan, and increases the need for heating and AC repair in Katy.

In addition to maintenance, the single most important factor in the care of any HVAC system is changing the filter monthly or as recommended by the manufacturer is an essential factor in performance. Dirty filters will result in dirty coils, ducts and fans, and decreased performance. Consequently, the frequency of heating and AC repairs in Katy will also increase, raising costs beyond an annual service and maintenance call.

In addition, ensure the use of the manufacturer recommended filter. The use of a non-approved filter can result in premature wear, or even the potential for overheating and damage to the system and the need for replacement or AC repair in Katy.

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