Heat Pump | Air Conditioning Katy, TX

Heat Pump | Air Conditioning Katy, TX

If you’re facinga new heating and air conditioning in Katy, TX installation, you will undoubtedly consider energy efficiency.However, the system’s lifespan and performance are also essential factors toconsider. Ensuring the right system, and size, along with a professionalinstallation by a certified HVACtechnician will provide both the proper performance and the anticipatedlifespan with proper maintenance. A heat pump offers an energy efficientoption to consider. Due to the technological advances in the past few years, replacinga worn ten or 15 year old heating and air conditioning in Katy, TX with a modern heat pump, cansave you up to 30 percent on the cost of energy.

Theimportance of a professional installation often goes unrecognized. Yet it is acritical factor in receiving the peak performance, energy efficiency, andlong-term lifespan of the system. An improper installation can reduce theperformance of a new system by as much as 30%. Cypress Heating and AirConditioning NATE certified technicians will provide the professionalinstallation you expect with a new installation or replacement. We back ourinstallations by with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so don’t wait. Give us acall today to schedule installation. 

The Heat Pump Advantage

Heat pumps offer a number of advantages overother HVAC systems. First, a heat pump provides both heating and cooling in asingle system. Next, electric heat pumps operate cleanly without anyharmful exhaust going into the environment.

Modern heatpumps aren’t like your granddads. Older heat pumps required auxiliary heat whenthe temperature fell below 37 degrees F. Today’s heat pump relies on newerrefrigerants maintaining your comfort and improved energy efficiency even inextreme cold without auxiliary heat to zero degrees.

Heat Pump Efficiency

Today’s air-sourceheat pumps provide greater efficiency and performance than ever before.Advances in technology, and improvements in existing technology include:

·      Variable speed blowers provide higherefficiency, and greater comfort than a single speed blower offers. A singlespeed blower operates at one speed consistently. Variable speed technologysenses the speed required based on the indoor environment and provides justwhat is required. This saves energy, improves comfort, and provides betterhumidity control with the use of the home’s air conditioning in Katy, TXduring the summer.

·      Two-stage and variable speed compressorsincrease energy efficiency, performance, and improved humidity control in thecooling mode. As a result, you will see improved comfort and a reduced energybill.

As you can see, variable speed technology controls the humidity betterthan ever during the cooling season. The technology enables the system toproduce the air conditioning in Katy, TX and dehumidification theindoor environment calls for. Single speed technology operates at only onespeed – wide open from start to finish. This saves you money, while producingthe ideal indoor environment.

Heat pumps can provide a solution foralmost any home’s heating and airconditioning needs. The conventional air source heat pump remains acommon choice for homeowners wanting comfort, value and efficiency. The geothermalheat pump is the gold standard for any homeowner seeking superiorperformance and energy efficiency in almost any environments. Mini-split heatpumps are an alternative for homes or additions lacking ducts, or for those whowant to save even more energy by zoning.


The heat pump provides energy efficient heating and air conditioning by providing by generating as much as fourtimes the amount of energy consumed. In addition, ENERGY STAR heat pumpsconsume up to 30% less energy than a standard heat pump. An Energy Star heatpump ensures you of receiving the highest available reliability, and energyefficiency.

Sizing is Essential

It can’t be stressed often enough how important proper sizing is. Infact, wrong sizing is a common occurrence. Ensuring your home receives theproper size heating and air conditioning in Katy, TX is a key factor inreceiving the best performance, energy efficiency, and the longest lifespan.Wrong-size installations can result in the following problems:

·   An oversized HVAC system short cycles. This means it operatesin a short time at maximum power and shuts off quickly. The system fails to runlong enough to remove excess humidity from the air in the home, increases yourdiscomfort by making you feel hotter than it actually is. Furthermore, becausethe system is always running at maximum speed and production the lifespan ofthe unit is reduced and energy bills increased.

·   An undersized HVAC system runs excessively, often non-stop inextreme weather. This causes premature wear and tear on the system, and areduced lifespan for the heating and air conditioning in Katy, TX.

A qualified Cypress HVAC technician will use the industryguidelines for determining the proper size unit for your home. A few of these numerousguidelines include:

·      Local climate conditions for the home’slocation

·      The facing direction, size and insulatingqualities of windows and doors

·      The home’s level of insulation

·      Type, size and location of trees

·      Square footage and ceiling height, andnumerous other factors

Remember, anEnergy Star unit ensures you receive reliable, high-efficiency heating andair conditioning in Katy, TX.

Contact a Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning NATEcertified HVAC professional foradditional information about a heat pump. We can assist you in selectingthe heat pump system that is right for your home’s heating and airconditioning in Katy, TX. We serve Katy, Plano and the surroundingareas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.