Heat Pump & Air Conditioning Service

Heat Pump & Air Conditioning Service

Heat Pump Maintenance | Air Conditioning Service

Providing heat pump maintenance is the life of your unit. When your heat pump operates properly, it is not only providing its peak performance, but the greatest energy efficiency. Operating the fan continuously will reduce the heat pump’s performance, as well as cause wear and tear on the system, leading to the need for heating and air conditioning service. The exception to this is if your heat pump features a high-efficiency, variable-speed fan motor. Always use the “auto” fan setting on the thermostat.

The provision of routine maintenance to the heat pump is the crucial factor in maintaining efficient operation, peak performance, as well as extending the unit’s service life. Neglecting the heat pump or any HVAC system will negatively impact its service life and energy usage. The lack of maintenance can cause the additional use of up to 25% in energy consumption. The cost of providing maintenance is small, when compared to the cost of increased energy usage and the wear leading to the need for heating and air conditioning service and repair.

There is little the homeowner can provide, inspections, heating and air conditioning service, repair and replacement are best left to a certified professional. The homeowner’s responsibility is to clean or change the air filters once a month, or as required depending upon the type of filter used. An additional homeowner’s responsibility is to ensure routine maintenance is provided by a professional as the manufacturer specifies or annually at the minimum.

Dirty filters, coils, and fans reduce the airflow through the system, decreasing the system’s performance and can cause damage your system’s compressor, as well as providing poor operation and increased energy use. Coils are best cleaned by a professional when heating and air conditioning service is provided, but the homeowner can ensure that grass, landscaping or other vegetative material is not near the unit where it can block the air flow. Keep the area surrounding the outdoor unit free of clutter. The homeowner can also keep the air supply and return registers clean and prevent clutter from blocking their airflow.

As stated previously, heating and air conditioning service provided to the heat pump annually, will maintain its performance and efficiency, while extending its service life. When you call for heat pump maintenance the technician can provide the following, as well as other services:

  • Inspect ducts, filters, blower, and indoor coil for dirt or other obstructions
  • Identify and seal duct leakage
  • Measure and verify adequate airflow
  • Measure and verify correct refrigerant charge
  • Check for refrigerant leaks
  • Inspect electric terminals, and, if necessary, clean and tighten connections
  • Inspect and lubricate blower motor
  • Confirm the correct electrical control, ensuring that heating is locked out when the thermostat calls for cooling and vice versa
  • Confirm the thermostat is operating properly
  • Inspect for loose or worn parts
  • Inspect the heat exchanger, gas valve operation and adjust gas pressure if necessary, as well as inspect clean and adjust the pilot burner if present and required
  • Check the ignition system
  • Inspect the condensate drain line and drain pan.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning provides heat pump repair, tune-up, installation, as well as heating and air conditioning service. Fall will soon be here, if you would like to get a jump on your annual heat pump inspection give us a call to schedule an appointment.