Heat Pump Repair | Heating and Air Conditioning Cypress, TX

Heat Pump Repair | Heating and Air Conditioning Cypress, TX

When you purchase a heat pumpfrom Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning, you receive the best HVAC systemand the highest level of professional installation in the business. When youschedule the necessary biannual heat pump service, your heating and airconditioning system will serve you well efficiently and with topperformance for many years to come. Unfortunately, even a well maintainedsystem will experience wear over time, and eventually heat pump repair willbe necessary. When this occurs, give our NATE certified technicians acall to schedule service.

Signs the Heat Pump Needs Repair

In some situations, your heatpump may warn you of a problem, including:

Abnormal Noises

Abnormal noises in your home’s heatingand air conditioning system do not necessarily mean you need a new heatpump. Grinding or shrieking may indicate the fan motor may need replacing dueto a lack of oil or wear, while clanking indicates a component may simply beloose and vibrating. Tightening the loose component may be all it needs.Clicking noises may mean a capacitor is going out.

Ice Accumulating on the Coils

Ice accumulating on thecoil likely indicates one of three conditions, a refrigerant leak, which willrequire a certified HVAC technician to provide the repair, followed byrecharging the system to the proper level of refrigerant. The secondpossibility is dirty coil. This will require your technician to clean the coil.Finally, check the air filter.  A cloggedair filter may cause iced up coils and can damage the compressor. Change thefilter monthly.

Reversing Valve Failure

A reversing valve changes the direction refrigerant flows, and itis this feature that allows the heat pump to change from heat to airconditioning and vice versa. When the reversing valve fails the heat pump willbe stuck in either the heating or air conditioning mode. A Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning NATE certified technician can provide the heatpump repair you require.

Poor Temperature Control

Once the heat pump system has some age on it, it may nolonger maintain a comfortable temperature. It may run longer than it once did,resulting in higher energy costs. The compressor is the component responsiblefor pumping the refrigerant through the system and for the process of heatexchange. As the compressor weakens your comfort may be affected, along withthe energy bill.  Potential signs of afailing compressor include humming, grinding and whining sounds. The advisablesolution in this situation is to replace the heat pump.

Pump Repair or Replacement

A worn out compressor can either be replaced, or you can replacethe heat pump. There are a number of considerations before making a decision.When the system is still under warranty the manufacturer will make the choice.Once the system is out of warranty, you will make the decision of whether toprovide heat pump repair or replacement. The following can assist you inyour decision:

The age and care provided to your heating and air conditioning systemis the first consideration. When the heat pump is not long out of warranty,replacing the compressor is likely the best choice with heat pump repair. However,if routine maintenance has been spotty or is questionable, and it is nearingten years old, replacement may be the logical choice.  If you opt to replace a compressor on anolder heating and air conditioning system, keep in mind that remainingcomponents are also aging and weakening. Furthermore, a strong, new compressorcan actually cause other components to fail in their weakened condition.

Next, consider your budget and the cost. If the unit is getting onup in age and the cost of repair is a third or more of the cost for a new heatpump, choose a new heat pump installation. You will gain reliability, greaterenergy efficiency and improved comfort. Heat pumps have gained a superiorefficiency  with the introduction ofnewer technologies. Choose an energy star rated heating and air conditioningsystem for the highest reliability and efficiency.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Biannual Maintenance

When you consider the heat pump runs year round, providing heatingin the winter, and air conditioning in the summer, you then will realizemaintenance is essential for maintaining its performance and lifespan. In otherwords, the heat pump works twice as hard as any other system. For this reason,the heat pump should receive professional maintenance twice yearly.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning offersprofessional heat pump repair and installation in Katy, Plano and thesurrounding areas. If you require heat pump repair or other air quality heatingand air conditioning services, call today to schedule an appointment. CypressHeating and Air Conditioning is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.Emergency services are available 24/7 for your convenience.