Heat Pump Repair & Installation | AC Katy

Heat Pump Repair & Installation | AC Katy

Heat Pump | AC Repair Katy

If your energy costs are rising with the speed of the national debt, and your aging HVAC is plaguing you with consistent furnace and AC repair in Katy, the installation of a new heat pump may provide the solution you need.

Heat pumps don’t generate heat, they move it, and can generate up to four times the amount of energy they consume. This process makes them an energy efficient and environmentally friendly choice for your home for heating, cooling and for producing hot water in some models. Heat pumps operate cleanly, providing a solution for persons with allergies, asthma and other respiratory issues. The heat pump, when used with a high grade filter becomes even more effective for providing cleaner air inside the home.

Emerging new technologies continue to enhance the benefits of a heat pump, providing comfort, energy efficiency and improved performance and reliability. If your aging HVAC system is requiring more heating and AC repair in Katy than it should, an Energy Star certified heat pump can pay for itself in energy savings, and may provide rebates or tax credits.

Older heat pumps once provided a constant output regardless of the need. Today’s technology provides two-speed or variable speed compressors that allow heat pumps to operate close to the required heating or cooling capacity. This adds up to significant savings on the amount of electricity used.

Variable speed fan motors are also available, providing further energy savings and reducing noise when the fan operates at lower speeds.

An additional energy saving feature available for select heat pumps is a desuperheater. A desuperheater is an accessory for a heat pump that allows excess heat generated during the heat pump cooling mode to heat hot water for the home during the summer by moving water over a heat exchanger. A heat pump equipped with a desuperheater heats water 2 to 3 times more efficiently than an ordinary electric water heater, providing up to 60 percent of a home’s hot water during the summer season.

Energy Star requirements continue to promote innovative products and new technologies that save energy and add increased reliability. Today’s Energy Star qualified equipment will be significantly more energy efficient and reliable than a system just 5 years old. When an aging system becomes unreliable, requiring frequent heating and AC repair in Katy, it is worth considering applying the money for repair to a new energy efficient system.

If you are considering the installation of a new HVAC system vs. continued heating and AC repair in Katy, Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning offers energy efficient Carrier products to enhance your home’s comfort and provide reliability for years to come.

Accurate sizing is an important consideration for heat pump installation. Factors such as the size of the home, number and type of windows, insulation, climate, even the number of people living in the household are considered. Incredibly, inaccurate sizing is one of the most common problems in the HVAC industry. When you use Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning for your installation, you can rely upon our certified technicians providing an accurately sized system for your home.

We will be glad to assist you in the decision of replacing your homes HVAC system or whether to provide heating and AC repair in Katy on your existing system.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning provides certified and experienced heating and air conditioning technicians dedicated to your family’s comfort.

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