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Heat Pumps & Air Conditioning

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Heat pump systems are energy efficient HVAC systems that provide heating and air conditioning in one system. The following information will assist you in deciding which heat pump features are right for your Texas home.

Two-Stage Heat Pumps

The compressor and air handler of typical air-source heat pumps are fixed-stage components that operate at full capacity all the time. When a conventional heat pump runs, it does so at 100 percent capacity, and then cycles off. This process is inefficient compared to two-speed heat pumps.

In addition to full capacity, two-speed heat pumps utilize a compressor and air handler that offer a second lower speed. Two-stage systems are more efficient and provide greater comfort than conventional all-or-nothing heat pumps by providing the heating and air conditioning you need when you need it.

Variable-Speed Heat Pumps

For maximum efficiency and comfort, select a heat pump that utilizes a variable speed air handler and scroll compressor. Scroll compressors are able to maintain thermostat temperature settings to within less than one degree, produce substantially less noise. Scroll compressors have the reputation of reliability and extreme longevity.

Heat Pump Water Heater

Air-source heat pumps use refrigeration principles to extract, move and release heat energy between the air outside and inside the home. In “cool” mode, wasted heat energy that is normally discharged outside the home can be used to inexpensively heat water in a conventional water heater system by using an add-on heat exchanger called a desuperheater.

Heat Pump Replacement

Age is a common factor in the decision to replace a heat pump. The average heat pump’s lifespan is from 10 to 15 years, though some systems have lasted much longer. However, the costs of maintaining a heat pump (or any other type of heating and air conditioning system), increases with age.

Energy efficiency is also another factor to consider when planning replacing the existing heat pump. Newer modern heat pumps are far more energy-efficient than older models, even those just a few years old will be less efficient than its modern equivalent and can save you up to 40% on the energy bill. An Energy Star labeled heat pump will provide even greater reliability and energy efficiency.

Improvements in HVAC Tech

The heating and air conditioning industry continue to advance heat pump technology, often resulting in increased energy efficiency. High-efficiency compressors, efficient refrigerants and variable –speed blower motors are some of the more recent developments driving energy efficiency and improved indoor comfort. These advances enhance heat pump operation, reducing wear and tear and assisting in extending the unit’s lifespan when provided routine annual maintenance.

Humidity is one factor that can affect how comfortable a home is. This is why a failing air conditioning system will often cause increased humidity in the home. Today’s high efficiency heat pumps are exceedingly effective in reducing humidity thanks to multistage compressors and variable speed blower fans.

An additional feature of today’s heat pump is its tolerance of lower outdoor temperatures. In older models, the heat pump became inefficient in deep cold winter days and nights, and homes would rely on auxiliary heat or inefficient strip heat to warm the home. Today’s heat pumps tolerate colder weather better than older heat pumps. It’s still recommended that you have auxiliary heat, but is less likely to be needed by a new system than an older one.

Finally, the technology of programmable thermostats was not available for heat pumps until now. With programmable thermostats being capable of reducing the energy costs of heating and air conditioning by as much as 20%, heat pump owners understandably wanted the benefits and advantages of the technology for their homes. Now you can have the best of both worlds, a high efficiency heat pump controlled by a programmable thermostat.

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