Heat Pumps | Heating & Air Conditioning

Heat Pumps | Heating and Air Conditioning

Heat pumps provide for both the heating and air conditioning needs of a home or office. When compared to other HVAC systems heat pumps are more efficient.

Of the various types of heat pumps, air source heat pumps are the most common. This heat pump uses electricity to generate heating and air conditioning rather than fossil fuels in the generation of heat. Today’s heat pump is far more efficient than those of 20 or even 10 years ago. In fact, they are so efficient that they generate up to 4 times more energy than they consume, reducing electrical consumption by as much as 40%.

The energy efficiency of heat pumps isn’t the only benefit, they provide a clean source of conditioned air for persons with allergies, asthma and other respiratory conditions. In addition, when combined with a compatible HEPA filter or other air purifying system, its cleaner air benefits are further enhanced.

When properly installed, a heat pump can provide exceptionally efficient heating and air conditioning for homes and offices, especially if the local climate is warm or moderate. However, when selecting a new system for purchase homeowner’s should be aware that the efficiency of the heating mode of most air-source heat pumps drops dramatically during extended periods of sub-freezing temperatures, generally rendering them unsuitable for cold climates. However, for those wanting to take advantage of their superior efficiency can select a model with gas heating as a backup for the occasional dip in temperature.

As the technology for energy efficient systems expands, heat pumps are utilizing the resources to improve their efficiency and performance. For example, standard compressors operated at full capacity, and two speed compressors enable the system to provide what is needed, rather than full capacity. The same technology of multi-speed operation is being used on fan motors, allowing the fan to operate at lowers speed when needed, and reducing the noise while saving on the cost of electricity.

The scroll compressor is an additional feature providing improvement in the HVAC industry. When compared with piston compressors, scroll compressors have a longer service life and operate quieter and use less electricity.

Today’s Energy Star qualified equipment is significantly more energy efficient than a ten year old system. Improved energy efficiency and increased reliability will save on the cost of energy, assists the environment, and maintains a comfortable home.

Maintaining Your Heat Pump

Proper operation and maintenance of the heat pump is essential for efficiency and performance. The difference between the energy consumption of a well-maintained heat pump and a severely neglected one ranges from 10%–25%.

  • Do not set the thermostat back if it causes the backup heating to come on. Backup heating systems are usually more costly to operate.
  • Continuous indoor fan operation can degrade heat pump performance. Keep the thermostat setting on the “auto” fan setting.
  • Clean or change filters once a month or as recommended by the manufacturer. Dirty filters can result in dirty coils and fans, reducing the airflow through the system and diminishing the system’s performance.
  • Schedule a professional service and tune-up at least once a year to maintain peak operation, efficiency, reliability and extend the system’s lifespan.

If you are considering the installation of a new heating and air conditioning system, we will be happy to assist you in selecting the most appropriate system correct for your home, based on the home’s unique characteristics affecting energy costs, your budget and goals.

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