Heat Pumps | Heating and Air Conditioning

Heat Pumps | Heating and Air Conditioning

Heat Pumps | Heating and Air Conditioning

Heat pumps can provide energy-efficient heating and air conditioning for your home. However, proper sizing, installation and maintenance (such as changing the air filter routinely) are essential factors in assuring you receive the performance and efficiency you expect from it.   


Because heat pumps use electricity to move heat, rather than generate heat it, the heat pump can provide as much as 4 times the amount of energy they use. This ratio of 4 to 1 means a heat pump is an energy efficient choice for heating and air conditioning. Heat pumps manufactured in 2015 are more energy-efficient than models even a few years old, and can save you up to 40% on the cost of operation. Select an Energy Star approved heat pump to receive the best reliability and even greater energy efficiency. Heat pumps that meet certain criteria are able to carry the ENERGY STAR label. These heat pumps use up to 30% less energy than a non-qualified product.

Size Matters

It is essential for any heating and air conditioning system to be the proper size for your home. Proper sizing assures energy efficiency, proper operation and the lifespan of the HVAC system. Improper sizing can cause the following issues:

An oversized heat pump will short cycle, which results in inefficient energy use, discomfort due to excess humidity, and a reduced lifespan of the unit. In addition, due to elevated pressure within the duct system, leakage of conditioned air can occur, resulting in energy loss and waste.

An undersized heat pump will run continuously as it attempts to reach the set temperature, which results in premature wear and tear on the system. Furthermore, on extremely hot days the unit is likely to be unable to maintain your comfort.

Proper heat pump sizing calculations take into consideration:

Region, location and orientation of the home

Local conditions 

Orientation and insulating qualities of windows and doors

Seasonal temperatures 

Levels of insulation 

The design, quality, and maintenance features of the duct system are an essential component of a properly operating heating and air conditioning system. They can have an energy loss of more than 30% if these factors are not up to industry standards. 

When selecting an air source heat pump, be sure to look for the Energy Star label, which is awarded to those units with SEERs of 14 or greater and HSPFs of 8.0 or greater. It is your best assurance that you are receiving a reliable, high-efficiency heating and air conditioning system. Other energy saving features to take advantage of includes variable speed fans, multi speed compressors or scroll compressors, and a filter change indicator.

Ductless Heat Pump System

For room additions, and homes without a duct system, a ductless heat pump can provide the heating and air conditioning that you need. The ductless heat pump provides all of the benefits of a heat pump where ductwork does not exist and is not an option. Mini splits are a solution to room additions lacking heating and cooling. In addition, the ductless system is easier to install than other types of systems, saving money on the cost of labor. Finally, a ductless system avoids the potential 25% loss of conditioned air, as it lacks the ducts that can leak air.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal Heat Pumps extract heat from the earths underground temperature with the use of underground pipes. Antifreeze or other liquid flows through the pipes and either extract heat from the surrounding ground, or drop heat into the surrounding ground depending on the season. At specific depths, the earth remains a consistent 45-55 degrees F. There are two main types of geothermal systems. Ground sourced systems are closed-loop systems with the pipes buried underground, and open-loop systems with the pipe system installed within a water source such as a pond.

Geothermal heat pumps will cost more upfront, but the system will pay for itself in a short time through energy savings. Furthermore, geothermal heat pumps operate quietly, and have an extended lifespan when compared to a standard heat pump.

Maintenance Saves Money

Providing annual maintenance is essential in any HVAC system for maintaining the peak performance, energy efficiency, and extending the units lifespan. Saving energy provides an incentive to assure the required maintenance, as a poorly maintained unit can cost an additional 25% more to operate, and over time the lack of maintenance will reduce the lifespan. 

An additional factor that will affect performance, efficiency, and lifespan is to assure the air filter is changed once a month or as recommended by the manufacturer. Dirty filters will result in dirty coils, ducts, and fans. A dirty filter will reduce the airflow through the system, and diminish performance, while increasing wear and tear upon the unit. 

HEPA Filters

In addition to energy efficiency, heat pumps provide a clean source of conditioned air for persons with allergies, asthma, COPD and other respiratory ailments. Furthermore, a HEPA filter can significantly enhance the air quality when the system is compatible to a HEPA.

Programmable Thermostat

When you want the most for your money, consider a programmable thermostat. By providing accurate temperature sensing and control, automatic changing between heating and air conditioning, and reducing operation when the home is unoccupied, a programmable thermostat can help you to save money, while maintaining your comfort. You can do so much more with a programmable thermostat, and the features translate to improved comfort, convenience, and saving energy. With installation of a programmable thermostat, you will never again have to worry about forgetting to reset the temperature when you leave.

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