Heating And AC Repair: Common Problems Found In Air Source Heat Pumps | Cypress, TX

Heating And AC Repair: Common Problems Found In Air Source Heat Pumps | Cypress, TX

It is a rare occurrence to find a home in Cypress, TX, without a heater during the chilling days of winter. Heat pumps are an energy-efficient alternative to air conditioning units and furnaces because they function in cold and hot seasons. They transfer heat indoors during summer to the outdoors to ensure coolness and vice versa. There are three types of heat pumps, including:

  • Water source
  • Geothermal
  • Air source

The focus of this blog is the air source heat pump that uses air to heat your rooms. Like most mechanical systems, heat pumps are prone to encounter problems with your heat pumps that will require heating and AC repair services. But before discussing the issues, let’s first describe air heat pump systems.

Description of Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP)

ASHP is a reversible and highly efficient heat pump that draws air from outside regardless of the outdoor temperatures for heating a home during the cold season. It uses limited electric power to collect large volumes of heat from the air outside.

The heat pump has a fan that sucks air outside, allowing it to pass through a heat exchanger with a refrigerant for absorbing the heat. At this point, the heat in the refrigerant undergoes compression, heating the air that warms your house and water, relieving you from the coldness of low temperatures.

With correct installation, the air source heat pump can reduce carbon emissions. It is a highly efficient heat pump that helps homeowners save up to 50 percent of energy bills because it uses low levels of electricity to draw air outdoors. You can also use the ASHP for both cooling and heating based on the model, saving the cost of having separate furnace and air conditioning systems.

Issues of Air Source Heat Pumps

Problems are susceptible to occur with your ASHP, causing sudden failures, breakdowns, and mild issues that will need urgent heating and AC repair services. Understanding the mishaps is essential because it helps you know when to call for the professional help from heating and AC service providers. Some of the issues are:

Poor Installation

When you hire a quack to install your new heat pumps and heating system, you will have setbacks with your unit resulting from poor installation. The pipework, heat exchanger, and fans might fail to perform their intended function because of incorrect connection of parts inside the heat pump. The poor installation might make your unit suddenly fail, leaving you with freezing temperatures that cause cold-related diseases.

In some cases, the heat pump might never work from the onset, forcing you to get a certified, trained, and qualified technician in heating and AC repair services. The qualified contractor should be from a reputable and trustworthy HVAC company for perfect and quality services.

The correct installation coupled with frequent maintenance will make the ASHP have a long lifespan that can serve you for years without malfunctioning and costly repair services.

Too Much Noise

The fans and compressor in an air source heat pump are large that produce sounds as they operate. The noise can be a nuisance that might need the services of a heating and AC professional to make the necessary adjustments to reduce the noise.

If reducing the noise is impossible, the technician can also recommend an upgrade to a less noisy heat pump that complies with the noise regulations in the state or country. The low sound levels are the best to provide you with the much-desired peace.

Lack of Heat Production

The primary purpose of having an air source heat pump in the first place is to provide the much-required warmth in your home when the outside temperatures are freezing. When the heat pump unit fails to produce heat to your rooms, it is evidence of a problem that will need heating and AC repair services as soon as possible.

The HVAC technicians use their knowledge, skills, and advanced tools and resources to inspect the unit and detect the problem for proper diagnosis. The problem might be an electrical failure, not supplying power to the heat pump. The ASHP can also have mechanical issues that certified heating and AC repair service experts can fix and ensure it is running at its peak performance.

Frozen Heat Pumps

When the weather in Cypress, TX, is relatively too low, it might affect the efficiency of the air source heat pump because they are installed outside by installers from a reliable heating and AC company. The icy temperatures or heavy snowfall might block the fan that sucks the air from outside, affecting the optimal functioning of the heat exchanger and the refrigeration process.

The snow outside might significantly reduce the amount of heat circulating in your home because the ASHP relies on the air outdoors to produce heat. Having heating and AC repair service experts can prevent freezing heat pumps by winterizing them through insulations.

They might advise you to get alternative heating systems to provide comfort because the ASHP might not function efficiently under freezing and icy temperatures.

Location of the Heat Pump

Heat pumps that include air to air should be in an open environment outdoors for maximum efficiency. Installing it in the wrong location of your premises can cause setbacks in operation, compelling you to get urgent heating and AC repair services.

The technician should consider aspects such as closeness to neighbors because of noise. The noise the air source heat pumps produce can be a nuisance to you and your neighbors. They might put you in trouble because of noncompliance with laws regulating noise in Texas. The technician from a reliable heating and AC repair company can also move the ASHP to a place that allows sufficient air to go through. This will provide adequate heat to warm your house.

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