Heating And Air Condition Service in Katy, TX—Maintaining Your Heating and Cooling Systems

Heating And Air Condition Service in Katy, TX—Maintaining Your Heating and Cooling Systems

Your heating and cooling system plays a crucial role inmaintaining comfortable thermal levels at home. But all of that happiness of havinga state-of-the-art central heating and cooling system goes down the drain whenit stops working or starts creating unbearable issues. You wouldn’t want yourac sputtering and dying out on you during sweltering heat, or have the furnacenot working during winter. If it happens, then all your comfort now turns into extremedistress and you start looking for heating and air condition service in Katy, TX, or maybe—if you are spooked enough—for a new system.Although it is a good practice to call for expert backup immediately when youface an issue that you can’t handle, you can at least prevent the issue from turninginto an even greater one by using these quick homeowner fixes.

1. Clean and Replace Air Filters on aRegular Basis

It is surprising thatso many of issues that our technicians face when they are called for heating and air condition service inKaty, TX include problems caused by dirty air filters. Air filters areresponsible for preventing any dust particles from contaminating the cleanatmosphere. This means that they can get clogged. While it may not be visibleto the naked eye, the air usually contains a huge amount of dust and carbonparticles that are not good for our respiratory system. When they accumulate inan air filter, these seemingly negligible particles cause havoc with thecooling system. The air conditioner has to put in more effort to work and usesup more energy, causing your energy bills to rise significantly.

Cleaning and replacingthe air filters can help you avoid the need to call for heating and air condition service in Katy, TX constantly. Dirtyair filters can cause extreme damage to your cooling unit if they are notreplaced for a long time. Generally, to the number of days before you would needto replace your air filter is 90 days. But, if there is any construction goingon in or around your house, or if you have pets, you would need to replace thefilters sooner as they would get clogged at a faster rate.

Some air filters arereplaceable, others are not. Make sure that you understand the type of airfilter that is installed in your cooling unit. If it is reusable, check howmany washes are recommended before you need to replace it with a new one.  

2. Protect Your Cooling System fromHumid Air

Humid air can be oneof the worst enemies for your heating and cooling system. Its presence makesthe task difficult for the air conditioner and it has to exert more in order toprovide optimum cooling. This exertion can account for about 15 to 30 percentof your air conditioning requirements. You can caulk up, or weather-strip theareas where humid air can pass through. The sneakiest places are doors andwindows, and you should make sure that no humid air accumulates inside thehouse from these places. If you have any problem with this, call for your heating and air condition service inKaty, TX and discuss the various methods to protect your air conditioningsystem.

3. Clear Away Debris from the OutsideUnit

The outside unit of anair conditioner is often neglected because it is placed far from sight. Whenour experts are called for heating andair condition service in Katy, TX, they often find that the outside unitis blocked with vegetation and debris, which obstructs the passage of air. Thisblockage can cause many problems for the condenser and condenser coil. Youneed to make sure that any twigs, leaves and other fragments are removed sothat the outside unit stays clear and your cooling unit receives sufficientairflow and does not get insulated.  

In addition to clearing away the debris at least two feetaway from the outside unit, it is also important to clean the condenser coil sothat the fins remain clear of dust and is able to throw hot air outside withoutbringing in dusty air. If you have not maintained the outside unit for a longtime and the air conditioner starts to create issues, it is not the time for aDIY fix. Call for a professional heating and air condition service in Katy, TX immediately, so that an expert can take a lookat the issue and fix it.

4. Oil Burner Unit Doesn’t Run

If you have an oilburner at your home and it doesn’t come on, leaving you and your family toscramble for blankets and sweaters in a cold night, then try this one-time-onlytrick.

All the oil burners arepowered by electricity, so first check the shutoff switch that is mounted onthe wall and circuit breaker and see if they are both in the “on” position. Ifthey are, and the oil burner is still not lighting up, then press the resetbutton ONCE. It would be on the primary control.

Please note that this“fix” is temporary and that you should never press this button more than once.If you do so, it could cause some serious issues with the burner. Alsounderstand that your oil burner would’ve gone into reset because there would besome issues with it. Call for a heatingand air condition service in Katy, TX as soon as you can to fix the root problem.

In Conclusion

Appliances need to bemaintained so that they can perform their best for you all year round. Thepreventive measures mentioned in this article are actions that any homeownercan accomplish, and which will prolong the life of your appliances. However, youwould need to call for regular heatingand air condition service in Katy, TX so that a trained technician cangive a professional look-over and warn you if any potential problems arearising within your heating and cooling systems.

Scheduling for aregular heating and air conditionservice in Katy, TX will make sure that both your heating and coolingsystems work impeccably. You also need to make sure that the service you arehiring is licensed, certified and has the most experienced workers in the area.If you are looking for a reliable heatingand air condition service in Katy, TX, then you won’t be disappointedwith the services of Cypress Heating and Air. Theprofessionals at this company have extensive experience in the industry and willbe able to quickly troubleshoot and fix the issues. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.