Heating and Air Condition Service Katy, TX: How to Find out If Your HVAC System is Working Properly or Not

Heating and Air Condition Service Katy, TX: How to Find out If Your HVAC System is Working Properly or Not

The winter season is in full swingand people are buried under a pile of blankets with a mug of coffee or hotcocoa in their hand. Your house has the perfect temperature in the morning,when the sun is playing peek-a-boo but as night approaches, you feel your housegetting colder. Checking the heating system proved to be a bust because youhave no idea which component does what. Before you go and get your DIY tool kitmade by watching YouTube videos, remember this: Even if somehow you are able totake your heating system apart, you will surely not be able to put it backtogether the same.

The common sense would be to hire heatingand air condition service Katy, TX. These people are professionals andhave the right tools for fixing any kind of problem. In a situation where youfeel that your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system needsrepairing, instead of running to a store for a DIY insulation kit, try thesefollowing tips to make sure that the system does need a repair. Though theprocess does involve hiring heating and air condition service Katy, TX,the first tip will save you a lot of money on the repair:

Tip #1

Save on Energy Bills

If you have bought an energyefficient HVAC system, according to your state’s government, you might beeligible for efficiency-related savings, rebates or tax credit. If you feelthat the repair is going to put a dent in your budget, then find out if your HVACsystem qualifies as an energy efficient equipment. You can find this out at Energy.Gov. Each state has a different policyand is mainly there to support homeowners lessen pollution and conserve energy.

Tip #2

Hire Heating and Air Condition Service Katy, TX for an Energy Audit

As your house gets older, itsventilation system gets compromised. The HAVC system depends on a home’sstructural integrity. If your house has air leaks, then the system tries towork harder to warm the house in winter and keep it cool in summer. This mightput a pressure on the system’s components and is the second reason why yourHVAC system stops working.

Here, the problem is not just yourHVAC system; it’s also the air leaks that prevent the system from performing itsjob. If you feel you are facing this kind of problem, then consider getting anenergy audit. Various companies offer heating and air condition serviceKaty, TX and few of them also offer an energy audit to find the rootcause of the problem.

An energy audit is basically an airleak test that tests the insulation of the house. Most professionals of heatingand air condition service Katy, TX do a blower test to find out where theleak is. The test involves a fan of high power, which is used to lower thehouse’s inside air pressure. This allows the outside pressure to seep into thehouse through cracks and unsealed openings that reveal the air leaks. Inanother test, the insulation’s R-value is found out to see if it resists the coldand heat traveling through it.

Tip #3

Make sure that the Heating and Air Condition Service Katy, TX has aReputable Name in the Market

Do not go hiring the first heatingand air condition service Katy, TX you stumble upon. Look for companiesthat are accredited and have a high rating. These credentials will prove thatthe company has been in this business for several years and employsprofessional repair men.

Tip #4

Get Familiar with the Different Types of Insulation Material

There are four different types ofinsulation materials that helps capture the heat or cold in the house. Thefollowing insulation materials have the highest R-value and are eco-friendly:

1.  Sheep’sWool

Rating at the top of the list,sheep’s wool is the most popular insulation material due to its renewablequality. The wool has an R-value of 4 and helps capture air, while retainingits breathability. Its fire resistant, limits condensation and absorbs harmfulchemical that affect the walls.

2.  Polyurethane

Used as foam, Polyurethane providesample of heat resistance and has an R-value of 5. The foam is sometimes doubledto make sure that the walls have a thick insulation layer. Plus, it alsoenhances the house’s structural integrity. Now a days, furnished homes comeinstalled with polyurethane insulation, so that home buyers do not buydangerous insulation materials such as fiber glass.

3.  Cellulose

Similar to fiber glass, celluloseis one of the biggest green methods of insulation. The insulation is createdfrom recycled newspaper and has an R-value of 3.5 per inch. The plus point ofthis insulation is that unlike fiber glass, it does not emit harmful chemicalssuch as fire retardants or formaldehyde. It is one of the cheapest insulationmaterials right now in the market and is known as the toughest material thatprevents leaks.

4.  Icynene

A water-based insulation, Icyneneexpands ten times more than its original size once it is applied. It resembleswhipped cream and is used to cover small holes in the walls. The only downsideto Icynene is that it also captures some of the moisture. If you are choosingthis material, then you need to hire heating and air condition serviceKaty, TX to install an air exchange system. Icynene has an R-value of 3.7per inch and due to its texture; it needs to be handled delicately.

Some cold spots that need to beinsulated are mostly in the attic, roof deck, walls and basement. If you haveadded a new room in your house, the walls and the ceiling are the prime areasthat need insulation. Cypress Heating and AirConditioning is a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating that offers heatingand air condition service Katy, TX. They do repairs, customizedinstallation and even offer various products for maintaining better airquality. For further information about their service, call at (972) 278-3506.