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When purchasing a new furnace, there are a number of features to consider. Today’s furnace offers the option of single-stage, two-stage and modulating, or variable speed furnaces. Your selection of these will affect your home’s energy bill, and your comfort. A look at each of these furnaces can assist you in the decision of selecting a new furnace for your home. Give us a call for additional information in the selection of a furnace, or the installation of a new heating and air conditioning system.

Single-Stage Furnace

The single stage furnace operates at full-powered capacity at all times. It operates with a consistent output of maximum capacity with no in between setting to reduce fuel use or airflow. A single stage furnace refers to the valve that controls the amount of fuel entering the burner. It is either open when the burner operates, or closed when the heat is off. It typically offers a lower upfront cost than the higher efficiency options provided by two-stage and modulating furnaces. Our certified heating and air conditioning experts’ can assist you in selecting the furnace best for your priorities, needs and budget.

Two-Stage Furnace

The two-stage gas furnace operates at either low or high capacity, although they actually have three positions, fully open, partially open, and closed. The lower setting operates with the fuel valve partially open and continues when the temperatures are milder. On cold winter days when heating requirements are higher, the two-stage furnace moves into the high stage in order to meet a home’s heating needs. When operating at the lower capacity, the energy consumption is reduced, saving you money on the cost of energy. Furthermore, most two-stage furnaces use variable-speed blowers to match the capacity of the burner, increasing comfort and reducing energy use.

Two-stage furnaces are more energy efficient because they are not continually operating at 100 percent capacity, as a single stage furnace will. In addition, two-stage furnaces operate quieter than single-stage furnaces, and contribute less pollution to the environment, reducing your home’s carbon footprint. These are all reasons why the two-stage furnace is a popular option. Contact our heating and air conditioning professionals’ for additional information. 

Modulating Furnace

The burner in a modulating furnace operates differently from single-stage and two-stage furnaces. Modulating furnaces operate in a variety of stages, offering the variability you need for precise control of the heating required. 

When a modulating furnace fires up when the home is cold, it operates at its highest heating stage, with the blower also running at the highest speed, delivering the maximum level of heat. Once the home warms up, the burner stage drops to level required, along with the blower speed, providing the precise level of heating required. A modulating furnace, or variable speed furnace, provides superior energy efficiency and comfort for your home. Modulating furnaces are a preferred choice for those whose priority is superior energy efficiency, and the highest comfort level. Contact our heating and air conditioning professionals for additional information.


If you are still wondering which unit is right for you, consider your priorities. When saving money is a priority, single-stage furnaces can provide the heating and budgeting you need. Some models have features for providing additional energy savings and comfort features.  

Two-stage furnaces are a popular choice that offers energy savings, improved comfort and a price for most budgets.

However, when maximum comfort and energy savings are a priority, the modulating gas furnace offers exceptional climate control, superior energy efficiency, and indoor comfort. 

If you require additional information, or assistance in selecting a furnace right for you, we will be glad to assist you. Our technicians will assess your requirements, and provide you with the information you need to select a furnace or other heating and air conditioning systems. 

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