Heating and Air Conditioning – Heat Pumps

Heating and Air Conditioning – Heat Pumps

A heat pump can provide your home’s heating and air conditioning with an energy efficient option. As a matter of fact, today’s heat pumps provide better energy efficiency than systems did 10 years ago, even systems from 5 years ago. When you replace a system that is more than 10 to 15 years old, you can save as much as 30 percent on your electric bill, due to the innovations and technological advances in the system. The improvements and innovative processes that make this happen include refrigerants, compressors, heating coils and blower motors.

Improvements in the technology do not stop with just energy efficiency. Heat pumps not only are much leaner in electric but they can also control indoor humidity levels better than ever with the use of variable speed technology. This tech ensures that your home’s heating and air conditioning system will produce the cooling and dehumidification that you will require for your comfort levels.

A heat pump can offer your home proven reliability for the comfort levels you rely on. With routine maintenance of your system you will be able to prove your home with ideal indoor conditions for many more years to come.  The heat pump was once considered a system that is only viable in mild weather regions like the southern area of the United States. However, new environmentally friendly refrigerant utilized in newer heat pumps available on the market continues to perform in colder temperatures. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning can provide your household with the professional installation of an efficient and reliable heating and air conditioning system.

There are multiple varieties of heat pumps that are available to choose from. Whether it is conventional air source heat pumps which remain a popular choice among homeowners or geothermal heat pumps which can provide great performance in all environments. Even mini-split heat pumps will offer an alternative to households that lack ducting or for homeowners who need heating and air conditioning to new additions to their home that has not been outfitted with ductwork.

Accurate Sizing

If you want to achieve the best performance and energy efficiency possible alongside the longest life cycle for your HVAC system, then proper sizing is critical when selecting a heating and air conditioning system for your home. Improperly sized units can result in the following issues:

  • An oversized heating and cooling system will not cycle long enough. This will equate to poor efficiency, discomfort and a reduced life cycle for the HVAC system. Additionally due to elevated pressure found within the ducting, leakage of conditioned air can and will occur, resulting in additional energy losses

  • When a system is undersized it will run continuously in a vain attempt to maintain the household with the preferred temperature. Excessive operation will bring about premature wear and tear on the system, increasing the likelihood of repairs and significantly reduce the life cycle of the system.

To properly account for the right sizing of a heat pump, certain calculations need to be considered. It is best that a professional technician handles this to make sure that there is room for possible errors. Even still, 1 out of 4 households nationwide are equipped with units that are either too big or too small. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning’s NATE certified technicians can provide you with professional and accurate sizing for your home.

  • The location and orientation of the home

  • Local climate conditions

  • Orientation and insulating qualities of windows and doors

  • The home’s level of insulation

Lower Bills

Geothermal heat pump systems consume half as much energy as a conventional air driven heat pump. While the initial costs of a geothermal system can be much higher than a conventional heat pump, the extended life cycle and incredible energy savings associated with one means you can see a return on your investment in as little as 3 years depending on your usage.

Extended life of geothermal systems in comparison to other types of heat pumps is an additional reason why more and more homeowners are selecting this type of system when they require a new replacement for their heating and air conditioning. This heat pump averages a life cycle of around 20 years or more if properly maintained and the loop for the geothermal system has an average life cycle of 50 years or more. If you plan on purchasing and installing a geothermal heat pump then get in touch with Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning in Katy, Texas to learn how our NATE certified technicians can help you install the heating and air conditioning system in your household professionally. To schedule an appointment, give us a call today.

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