Heating and Air Conditioning in Cypress, TX – Variable Speed Fan Motors

Heating and Air Conditioning in Cypress, TX – Variable Speed Fan Motors

Variable speed fan motors are one of the newest forms of technological innovation for heating and cooling systems or for other electronic appliances too. With a HVAC unit powered with a variable speed fan motor a homeowner can save a significant amount on their expenses rated to energy consumption monthly.

At a mere 50% of full speed, a variable speed fan motor can utilize 1/8thof the electricity when compared to traditional motors. They accomplish this by operating at variable speeds in order to provide the greatest energy efficiency and still maintaining the exact comfort levels the homeowner is used too. With fixed speed fan systems an HVAC unit will not be able to operate at optimum levels. Below we will go over the differences that are associated with the functions for a more in depth look and understanding of how they operate and the benefits.

The Different Types of Motors

You may have heard the term single-stage, two-stage, three-stage, multi-speed before. These are also different types of motors that are available in select HVAC units. However, none of these are like a variable speed fan motor. Below we go over the differences between them.

Single-Stage Speed Fan Motor: This is a motor that is only capable of operating at one speed. If the motor is able to rotate at 5000 RPMS it will always rotate at 5000 RPMS while it is on.

Two-Stage Speed Fan Motor: This is a motor that is capable of operating at two separate speeds. Typically labeled low and high. If the motor for example is capable of rotating at 5000 RPMS it will be able to do this at the high setting, whereas, at the low setting it may operate at 2500 RPMS.

Three-Stage Speed Fan Motor: As the name applies, this type of motor will have 3 preset speeds for the fan to operate on such as high, medium and low. If for example, the motor is capable of rotating at 5000 RPMS then it will do so on the High setting, where as it may operate at 3000 RPMS on the Medium setting and 2000 RPMS at the low setting.

Multi-Speed Fan Motor: Applies to any motor that has the ability to rotate at more than one setting. This can apply to two-stage and three-stage motors as well as any other motors that offer more than one speed setting.

Variable Speed Fan Motor: This type of motor is a marvel in the heating and air field. A variable speed fan motor has the capability to operate as low as 0 RPM all the way up to full speed. It will operate at the RPM that its circuit board will analysis and dictate based upon the home’s current environment. Whether that speed is 0,5,100,250,500 or 2,000. A variable speed fan motor offers the versatility that all other motors wish they could.

When a heating and cooling is removing heat from the air in order to lower the temperatures in the indoor environment it also has the job at removing moisture from the air also. When an HVAC system’s fan is running at fixed speed on its fastest setting all of the time it will actually result in more heat and less moisture being removed from the air. Variable speed fan motors will be able to handle both effectively, by turning the fan down to a slow sped when the air compressor first turns on, allowing for the humidity to be extracted from the air. While the humidity is being removed, the air conditioning coil will cool the air that moving over it, which will cause the blowers speed to increase and send the cooled, conditioned dry air throughout your home.

When balance is achieved between both humidity and heat, the fan motor will run lower. However, the typical fixed-speed motors will run at high speed, which will allow for the air to retain the humidity and reduce comfort. When a variable speed fan motor is installed, when the air conditioning first turns on, the fan motor will simply run slower in order to extract all of the moisture from the air. When the indoor relative humidity is reduced to a more appropriate level then the air coming from the vent registers will be cooler and the force of air being delivered from the registers will increase.

When there are excessive amounts of humidity in the indoor air, it makes it harder for that air to be cooled and will cause heating and air conditioning systems to run more often with fast blowing motors that are just not capable of removing the indoor relative humidity properly. Humidity makes the surrounding temperatures seem hotter than it truly is due to the moisture in the air and on top of that excessive humidity can also proliferate the growth of mold and mildew. A variable speed fan motor will solve most of these problems by limiting the air flow throughout the home until the excessive moisture has been removed from the indoor air.

When it comes to savings in electricity, a variable speed fan motor cannot be beaten. When a variable speed fan runs at half speed at 8 hours it is the equivalent of a full-speed motor running for only 1 hour. If you would like to learn more about variable speed fan motors, or would like one installed in conjunction with your heating and air conditioning system, then give Cypress Heating and Air a call today for a consultation and evaluation to see if your home’s heating and air conditioning system can take advantage of a variable speed fan motor today.

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