Heating and Air Conditioning in Katy, TX – Tips to Stay Cool – Part II

Heating and Air Conditioning in Katy, TX – Tips to Stay Cool – Part II

Inthe previous article, we discussed tips on how to stay cool whenever it is hotoutside by cutting the cost of cooling by reducing the load on your air conditioning in Katy, TX and reducingheat gain in your home as well.  In thisarticle we continue those tips that will help you lower your electric costs andreduce your carbon footprint on the environment. Below is a continuation of thetips to help you stay cool.

1.    Ceiling fans willincrease your comfort levels indoors. Fans themselves will not cool a room, butthey will circulate the indoor air throughout the room, and in turn this willmake you feel cooler. The higher the RPM in the fan’s motor the move air itwill be able to circulate. Of course the higher the RPM’s the noisier the fanmay be. You will need to find a balance in what is comfortable for you in bothair circulation and sound; luckily most fans have multiple settings for theirspeed to accommodate for this.

2.    Programmablethermostats will enable you to program around your comings and goings at home.For example, a programmed thermostat will automatically adjust the temperatureswhen you are due to arrive home after work or school.

With a WiFienabled thermostat you can adjust the temperatures at home while you are awayfrom home. There are a number of additional benefits depending upon the modelthat you select, and they all provide a home with intuitive options accordingto the programmed schedule, with override and remote adjustment optionsavailable. A programmable thermostat enables you to set it and forget it, andenjoy comfort without the airconditioning in Katy, TX having to be in operation all day long.

3.    The attic in ahome can become exceptionally hot during summer months. By installing an atticgable fan, it will pull out this extremely hot air from the attic and pull incooler outdoor air through a vent on the opposite end of the home. When youkeep your attic cooler, you will also keep your home cooler, thus, reducing thecost and how hard your air conditioningin Katy, TX will need to operate.

4.    It takes quite abit of time for a tree to grow large enough in order for it to provide adequateshade for a home. However, planting deciduous trees on the eastern and westernside of your home will eventually provide it with shade. Shade can lowertemperatures as much as 20 degrees cooler than in the direct sunlight, andwhenever you plant deciduous trees, they will shed the leaves enabling you togain the benefits of the sunlight during the winter months. Shrubs can alsoassist in shading the lower portions of the home, while trellises with climbingvines will be able to provide shade for exterior walls.  The combination of all of this will helplower the load on your air conditioning inKaty, TX.

5.    If your home’s air conditioning in Katy, TX is more than 10 years old, you should considerinvesting in purchasing a newer, more energy efficient system, such as anEnergy Star approved system. Newer tech has created more efficient systems thatproduce colder air, but with much more efficient components that will reduceyour electric bill. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning can assist you withall that you can expect to gain in purchasing a new, more energy efficient,energy star certified HVAC system.

6.    Whenever you needto update your roof, choose a cool roof for substantial savings. Like windowfilm, a cool roof will reflect the sun and its heat away from your home by asmuch as 97%. A cooler roof will provide less heat gain in the attic, thusreducing the workload of your air conditioning inKaty, TX, saving energy and reducing the wearand tear on your system.

7.    There are manytypes of attic insulation available on the market, consider adding moreinsulation in your attic to reduce the transfer of heat gain from the attic toyour living space, or look into other new forms of attic insulation that isavailable such as poly expanded foam.

8.    While the largestcontributors to heat gain are doors and windows, hot air will also find its wayinto your home thru narrow holes around cables, pipes and other cracks in thehomes foundation and walls. Inspect your home for these and seal them up withpoly expanded foam.

9.    One of the bestways to improve efficiency in your air conditioning inKaty, TX so that it will operate efficiently is byproviding annual maintenance to your system. Not only will this reduce thechances of breakdowns, but it will also extend the lifespan of the systemwhenever you have it professionally maintained at least once a year by aprofessional heating and cooling company.

10.                        Your ductwork in your home can also be anothersource of massive amounts of energy loss. If there the ductwork has any damage,has become loose or deteriorated in areas, it can account for a loss ofanywhere between 20 – 30% in energy loss due to leaky ducts.  The next time your HVAC system is maintainedhave your technician inspect your ductwork also.

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