Heating and Air Conditioning Katy

Heating and Air Conditioning Katy

HVAC-Routine Maintenance in the Katy/Fort Worth Region

Our Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning professionals are frequently asked how often HVAC systems need to be serviced in the Katy/Fort Worth, TX area.

To keep your heating and cooling system operating at peak performance, reduce breakdowns and save money on energy usage, have your system inspected and maintenance performed every 6 months. Ideally have the system inspected and serviced in the spring before you begin using the air conditioning in the summer, and again in the fall before you start using the heat in the winter. The importance of routine service cannot be stressed enough as lack of maintenance can lead to dangerous conditions such as a cracked combustion chamber in an aging gas furnace for example.

If your system gets heavy use replace filters more frequent and discuss with your heating and air conditioning service provider if you require more than twice per year inspection for heavier than normal use such as during an extremely cold winter. Generally, inspection and service twice per year is adequate for the Katy, TX region.

During routine service your system will be inspected, tuned up, maintenance will be performed and any potential problems can be addressed before they become a larger problem that can cost more to repair. A good example of the benefits of routine service is with dirty coils. Not only will they cause your system to work harder and use more energy, but can also potentially damage the system.

Persons with respiratory and other health problems often depend on their air conditioning to breathe easier. This is especially true in areas where high humidity and heat is the standard. Increased humidity makes it feel hotter, and for persons with respiratory or heart problems it can make breathing extremely difficult, or even life threatening. For family members with respiratory problems, allergies and asthma you may want to talk to your heating and air conditioning professional in the Katy, Texas area about using a HEPA filter which will clean the air winter and summer. However, not all systems can use HEPA filters; your heating and cooling professional can best advise you if your system is HEPA compatible.

The frequent changing of filters is the single most important action that a homeowner can provide besides regular maintenance. A dirty and clogged filter makes your system work harder which increases energy use, and can potentially damage your system. The type filter your system uses will determine how often you need to change it. All filters should be inspected every month and changed or cleaned as specified by the manufacturer. The value brand blue fiberglass filters at about $1 each must be changed monthly, but don’t expect them to clean your air as a HEPA filter will. These will suffice to keep the largest particles out that cause damage to the HVAC system if changed once per month.

Keep vent registers open and free of furniture, drapes or other objects that can block them. Keep the area around your air return supply clear of clutter as well for the best air flow to the system.

Give us a call for inspection and service, or sign up for a service contract to have your system automatically inspected, serviced and tuned up bi-annually. Taking care of your system will extend its service life and enable it to better keep your home comfortable year round.Cypress Heating and Air Conditionings certified professionals provide emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you need routine service, HVAC repair or installation give us a call, you can depend upon us to be there when you need us most.