Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Katy, TX – Air Conditioner Filters

Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Katy, TX – Air Conditioner Filters

Eventually everything breaks down and will need maintenance or be replaced. A home’s heating and cooling system is no exception to this rule. HVAC systems are built to take a beating and can last a long time, however, when you neglect to maintain these systems, they will indefinitely die an early death.

When a homeowner has their HVAC system maintained annually it can help prevent many problems from ever occurring in the first place. Maintenance will also extend the life cycle of the system too. In the end, it is significantly cheaper to have the system professionally maintained rather than it is to have it professionally repaired. However, not all maintenance is in the hands of the service company. One of the most important and critical maintenance tasks for a home’s heating and cooling system is exchanging the air filters when needed. Sure, a homeowner can have a technician come out and do it for them. But really there is no need. Exchanging air filters are extremely easy and most of all simple.

Changing out the air filter in an HVAC system is something that most homeowners can duly accomplish themselves. Air filters are exceptionally vital with the performance and life cycle for system.

Air Conditioner Filters

It is extremely important that you routinely exchange the air filter in your heating and cooling system. You can find out how often you should be exchanging the filter by reading over the manual provided by your HVAC system’s manufacturer. The most important maintenance task that a homeowner can provide is by ensuring that the air filter is exchanged as needed, this will ensure the efficiency of the heating and cooling system and will help not only keeping the insides of the system clean, but the indoor air quality in the home healthier as well.

Dirty and clogged air filters will block the normal airflow and this will reduce the efficiency of the system, due to the fact that the system will have to strain itself in order to continue producing the levels of comfort that the homeowner has set the system to perform. This strain will increase the risks associated with needing repairs.

By failing to exchange the air filters as specified by the manufacturer, the system can result in being damaged, mainly due to the compressor itself overheating. Compressor failure is a frequent reason for replacement of heating and cooling systems and whenever a compressor fails it usually means total replacement of the system all together due to the high costs associated with replacing a compressor. The possibility for compressor failure can be mitigated by following the manufacturer’s specifications on when to replace the air filter and by having a professional company service the heating and cooling system at least once per year.

Whenever airflow is obstructed in an HVAC system, the air will push its way around the filter, thus carrying dirt and debris along with it directly to the evaporator coil in the system. This debris will cling to the coil impairing its ability to absorb heat. When you replace a dirty, clogged air filter it will lower your heating and cooling’s energy consumption by as much as fifteen percent and decrease the possibility for the system needing repairs.

When it comes to air filters there are many different types to choose from, but not all air filter types will work in some heating and cooling systems. You will need to check with your manufacturer to ensure that the air filter you wish to use will work with your system. As stated, air filters are available in a variety of different types and efficiencies. There is disposable, reusable, quilted, and even HEPA filters for example.

Additionally, if your system is able to take advantage of HEPA filters, you should seriously consider having one installed as HEPA filters are the best filters that you can purchase in the market today and provide not only clean, crisp air but also can mitigate the amount of air pollutants, bacteria, pollen and viruses from the indoor air in your home also. However, before purchasing a HEPA filter, ensure that your system will be able to use one, as not all systems are designed to use them, and by installing one your system could possibly suffer from premature wear and tear, requiring the need for service.

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