Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Katy, TX – A Matching System

When itcomes to HVAC systems, there are two major components in the system; they arethe outdoor condensing unit and the indoor air handler. The two components aredesigned to work side by side to provide optimal performance, maximumefficiency and comfort for everyone within the household. Whenever you have heating and air conditioning service inKaty, TX and one of the two components is removed and a new oneinstalled, it can compromise the efficiency and performance of the system. Ifthe system is more than 10 years old, you should really consider purchasing awhole new system, gains in energy efficiency alone will pay for itself overtime.

A properlysized matched system will enable the HVAC system to perform as designed. Itwill have proper cycle times, intended humidity control, and the system soundwill be minimized. Features such as these, are likely to be lost ormarginalized in a mismatched system. When an outdoor unit is replaced, it maybe appealing due to the lower cost, but it is likely to cost you more over timedue to the loss in maximum efficiency and it could possibly end up requiringyou to need more heating and airconditioning service in Katy, TX.

Sometimesmismatching is not always an option when you have heating and air conditioning service in Katy, TX. However when itis an option, the system may work, but there will be other negativeconsequences involved with using a mismatched system. It will not provide thepromised energy efficiency for one. In fact, you might lose as much as fifteenpercent of the stated efficiency when you do so. Furthermore, comfort is likelyto be compromised also. On the hottest days, a mismatched system may not likelyperform up to par, nor be able to cool efficiency or properly remove enoughhumidity from the indoors. Finally, a mismatched system can overwork the systemand it will require more heating and airconditioning service in Katy, TX.

Withtoday’s energy efficient HVAC systems, they are designed for greater energyefficiency, the components found in both the indoor and outdoor unit aredesigned to match the technology. The compressor is the most expensivecomponent in a modern air conditioning system and because of this; it isextremely dependent upon proper system design and installation. A mismatchedsystem may compromise this, resulting in premature death of the system.

An oldindoor coil will most likely provide less heat transfer capability when pairedwith a newer, more energy efficient outside unit. Next, it will usually have anexpansion device that will not be the correct size or designed for the use withthe recommended refrigerant charge. Furthermore, the existing coil not beingthe proper design for the new outdoor condenser will increase the risk ofcompressor failure, requiring premature heatingand air conditioning service in Katy, TX.

Amismatched system is a gamble, and with as much as outdoor compressors cost, isit really worth that gamble?  The chancesof a compressor failing increases by as much as 45% within the first year.Also, mismatching a new condenser and compressor to an old, undersized coil andfixed expansion device is almost certainly going to result in failure, and thisis why it is not covered under most heating and air conditioning manufacturer’swarranty coverage.

Furthermore,almost all utility companies will require that both components of an airconditioner or heat pump system be ARI certified and properly matched in orderto quality for their rebate programs.

Despite allof the negatives and disadvantages of a mismatched system, a number ofcontractors and dealers are still routinely failing to replace the indoor coilwith the installation of a new condensing unit. Few homeowners even realize theimportance of a matching system for their HVAC system at home or that acritical component has failed to be installed.

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