Heating and Cooling in Katy, TX – Air Filters

Heating and Cooling in Katy, TX – Air Filters

Heating and Cooling in Katy, TX – One of the most overlooked components that requires frequent service is the air filter in a home’s heating and cooling in Katy, TX. Whenever filters are not exchanged as frequently as specified by the manufacturer it can cause all sorts of problems for a home’s HVAC system leading up to complete system failure. Routine filter changes are literally that important for your home’s heating and cooling in Katy, TX.

There are two reasons why a dirty filter can cause damage to an HVAC system. These two reasons are a lack of air and friction. A dirty filter will cause the heating and cooling system to struggle in order to get air, overworking the components can causing them to fail prematurely. The stress brought on by a dirty filter not only will cause premature wear but it will also significantly increase your electrical bill due to the system having to overwork itself, by as much as 15% or more.

Friction happens when a system is struggling for air and it pulls dust and other damaging particulates from the air into the system around the filter. This will eventually lead to damage to the evaporator coil and other components found within the heating and cooling system. Once this material finds its way inside of the system it will create friction, which will cause additional wear on the components inside the system too. This will eventually in turn cause the system to fail, requiring you to need repairs for your heating and cooling in Katy, TX.

Dirty air filters do more than just harm the heating and cooling system, it can also pose health risks for homeowners and their loved ones. Dirty air filters spread dust, dust mites, pollens, allergens, mold, bacteria and other harmful air pollutants that can be harmful for your health.

Frequently changing out the filter will help keep the heating and cooling system clean, operating effectively, efficiently and also help keep the air clean from harmful air pollutants in your home. Filters should be changed as often as once per month and / or whatever is specified by the heating and cooling system’s manufacturer. Air filters increase the life cycle and efficiency of HVAC systems by protecting them from the damages that dust, dirt and other airborne particles can cause to the components inside.

How often the air filter is changed in your system will depend on the type of the filter the system uses. Some filters are reusable, others however must be replaced. Conditions in the home will also affect the frequency that filters will need to be changed. Frequent use, pets, smokers, fireplaces, wood heaters, and other dusty conditions are examples of the need for air filters to be change frequently even more so than once per month in extreme situations.

Selecting a Filter

There is a vast difference in the quality of replacement filters. There are low cost disposable fiberglass filters which are the cheapest to purchase, but they only capture the largest particles in the air, and they do nothing towards helping keep the air clean itself. There are better quality disposable pleated filters which are expensive to buy, however they offer a higher level of filtration than the cheap disposable fiberglass filters provide. Pleated filters perform significantly better by protecting the system, reducing the need for repairs for your heating and cooling in Katy, TX and providing cleaner indoor air.

Additionally, homeowners should have their heating and cooling systems annually inspected and tuned-up to ensure that the system continues to operate efficiently and extends the life cycle of the system.

Permanent Filters

Electrostatic furnace filters must be changed every three months under normal circumstances and reusable filters should be washed rather than discarded. Reusable filters create less waste for the environment and they also save you money over time as washable filters will last for a number of years. Washable filters should also be cleaned at a minimum of at least once per month and in extreme situations twice per month.

If you have questions or concerns regarding what type of air filter you should use with your heating and cooling system, and then give Cypress Heating and Air a call and one of our professional HVAC technicians will be willing to assist you. To schedule maintenance or repair for your home’s heating and cooling in Katy, TX you can also give us a call and we will establish an appointment for you at your earliest convenience. If you need repairs, maintenance, tune-up, or installation services for your heating and cooling you can rely on Cypress Heating and Air to get the job done for you each and every single time.

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