Heating and Cooling Repair in Katy, TX – Condensation from Windows

Heating and Cooling Repair in Katy, TX – Condensation from Windows

Warm and moist air that comes in contact with the surface of a window can form window condensation which is more than a nuisance. With the advent in newer technologies, new homes are becoming more and more energy-efficient. One of the side effects of having more energy-efficient homes is window condensation. A properly-sized heating and air system that can help mitigate excess humidity inside the home and can rectify this. 

Today’s modern construction methods also include newly designed window technologies. These new windows are constructed in such a way to keep the outside air from entering the home and to keep the indoor air inside of the home. Older windows were not very efficient at keeping outside air out of a home but this inefficiency allowed for air to circulate throughout a home and thus moisture in the indoor air was able to escape. High quality windows and insulation in today’s new home builds create barriers that will not allow outdoor air to circulate thru the indoors. When this barrier is combined with excessive moisture indoors, it will create window condensation and other problems in the home. 

How To Get Rid of Indoor Condensation

In order to get rid of this problem you will need to be able to regulate the indoor relative humidity in your home. This is accomplished by either briefly opening windows to allow excessive indoor humidity to escape or by having a dehumidifying system in the home to help take care of it automatically. You could also install exhaust fans where humidity is a problem such as the bathroom and near the stove. 

The Reverse: Not Enough Humidity

Not having enough humidity indoors can also be a problem. During the winter, dry air can cause all sorts of issues such as sore throats, bloody noses, dry skin, itchy skin, and it can even increase your susceptibility to illnesses such as the flu. If you are having issues with lack of humidity in your home then one method of fixing this problem is to install a humidifier in the home.

The ideal levels for indoor relative humidity should be around 30 to 50%. If it is not within these levels and you have family members with problems such as asthma, allergies, or other upper respiratory problems then you should shoot for around 40% with indoor relative humidity.  But never allow for the system to let humidity go below 30% otherwise you and others in the household may experience problems associated with dry air as listed above.

Furthermore, you should make sure that your humidifier system has a humidistat in order to ensure the upmost accuracy for the current indoor humidity levels. If you need heating and cooling service or would like a whole house humidifier installed in your home then give Cypress Heating and Air a call today to set up an appointment at your earliest convenience. 

If you are using only a portable humidifier, keep in mind this will only keep a small area of the home’s humidity levels in check. In most situations, a whole house humidifying system is the better choice in order to obtain consistent humidity throughout your home and to keep you and the members of your household comfortable and healthy, especially if you have family members that have upper respiratory problems. 

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