Heating and Cooling Repair in Katy, TX – Tripped Breaker

Heating and Cooling Repair in Katy, TX – Tripped Breaker

If you areexperiencing problems with your HVAC system that is continuously tripping abreaker, you might have a serious and even potentially dangerous problem onhand. Circuit breakers help by preventing electrical fires, shock and otherpotential electrocution methods by shutting down the electricity to an affectedarea of the home whenever there is a short, or too much electrical currentgoing through them. As an example, whenever an external surge happens, thecircuit breaker will detect the incoming excessive voltage and trip the breakerto shut off the circuit.

Potential causesfor a tripped breaker can include a faulty breaker itself, and a short. If youare having a problem similar to this where your air conditioning system istripping your breaker constantly then quit using the air conditioning, contactCypress Heating and Air and schedule for heatingand cooling repair in Katy, TX.

Electrical Causes

Electrical issueswithin your air conditioning system can also cause a circuit breaker to trip.There could be a loose wire in the system that is causing the problem, or therecould be a damaged wire in either the AC unit itself or the circuit between theelectrical panel and the AC. The culprit could be a loose wire, a power surge,lightning, or even rodent damage.

Any of the above ismore common than this, but even though it is uncommon, a tripped breaker canalso be due to a bad breaker itself. Everything eventually wears out over time,and damage may occur to a breaker whenever there is excessive voltage such asfrom a power surge or even lightning.

Overloading thecircuit will also trip breakers. For example, if a problem occurs in the airconditioner, it may cause the unit to pull excessive voltage, over heating thewires, and then triggering the breaker to trip. An overheated air conditioningsystem could be due to a refrigerant leak, or a component going out can resultin a breaker tripping. These conditions will all require a professionaltechnician to inspect the system and provide heating and cooling repair in Katy, TX.

Whenever a circuitbreaker is replaced with different amperage than is required, circuit breakerscan also trip, and a fire may possibly occur if an over-sized one is purchased.Only replace breakers with the correct size. Other possible causes are asfollows:

FilterCheck the HVAC system’s filter, if it is excessively dirty it willobstruct the air flow to your system, and this can cause the air conditioner tooverheat, if the filter is soiled, change it and attempt to turn on the airconditioner again.

Coils – The coils for your HVAC system are essential in the performance ofthe system. First, inspect the outside condensing unit. If there are leaves,grass or soil, this may be the catalyst to what is causing the circuit breakerto trip. Contact your HVAC technician for a thorough cleaning of your heatingand cooling system as well as any other heatingand cooling repair in Katy, TX that may be needed.

Refrigerant – If the refrigerant in the system islow, this indicates a leak, but more importantly it can also cause the systemto overheat and trip the circuit breaker. In order to resolve this you willneed to get in touch with Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning and schedule anappointment for heating and coolingrepair in Katy, TX.

Wiring – over time the wiring will expand and contract and this can end upmaking wires become loose. Due to the danger from high voltage in the system,homeowners should not attempt to fix these themselves, instead contact yourtechnician at Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule heating and cooling repair in Katy, TX.

If you are havingproblems with your home’s heating and cooling system continuously tripping thecircuit breaker in your panel box and you are not sure what is causing it. Donot turn the air conditioning back on until you contact Cypress Heating and AirConditioning and schedule an appointment to have your heating and cooling repair in Katy, TX. Once scheduled, one ofour NATE certified technicians will come out to your home assess the problem,find the underlying cause, and make all of the necessary repairs to get yourheating and cooling back up and running promptly and professionally. A systemthat flips your circuit breakers can be extremely dangerous, you should nottinker around with the system trying to find the problem yourself whenever thishappen. Give Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning a call today.


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