Heating Repair

Although we may not think of our heating systems during the sweltering summers of Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas, we turn to them like a trusted friend when the temperature drops in the winter. Often, we find during these critical periods that our heating systems are malfunctioning. This can be frustrating, if not downright dangerous! Fortunately, you can call Mr. Reliable Heating and Air for all your heating repair, heating emergency repair, or heating system replacement needs. Our team of certified technicians is at your service, helping you and your family stay warm.

Get fast, reliable air conditioning repair in Houston, TX with Mr. Reliable Heating & Air. Contact us today for expert AC repair services to keep you cool!

High-Quality Service Team

Mr. Reliable Heating and Air is committed to treating our customers as though you are our own family; we provide friendly and courteous service, thorough repair work, and fair prices.

Our team is comprised of experienced technicians with up-to-date licenses and insurance certifications. We are dedicated to providing thorough diagnostic services, so we can inform you precisely what needs to be cleaned, repaired, or replaced upfront. If your system should need a repair or replacement, we will always provide honest prices and quick repair timeframes. 

We provide service for all of Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas. We can show up at your door whenever you need us with a ready smile and a fully stocked van.

Our Heating Repair Services

Our experienced HVAC technicians provide heating system troubleshooting, heating repair and emergency repair, and heating system replacement.

Heating System Troubleshooting

At Mr. Reliable Heating and Air, we know that heating system failures always come at inopportune times. Our main priority is to diagnose what is causing your system to malfunction. Even cases of seemingly obvious problems, such as leaks, should be thoroughly checked to find the initial source of the issue. In this way, we can provide accurate repairs or replacements and correct quotes. It also ensures that we catch any other maintenance needs to prevent further issues from occurring.

Our technicians are trained and experienced in working with every type of heating system, whether you use a central furnace, a boiler, a heat pump, or electric heaters. We will come to your home prepared with all the necessary equipment and common parts to perform maintenance or minor repair work. Further, after our diagnosis, we will always thoroughly explain and advise our customers before carrying out any repair or replacement part work. If your HVAC system requires extensive labor, repair, or replacement, we will provide honest pricing and time estimates for completing the job.

Heating Repair and Emergency Repair

We understand that heating repair and emergency repair can be worrisome. You can count on Mr. Reliable Heating and Air to make sure your system is safely heating your home again.

Of course, a malfunction isn’t always as obvious as a total system failure. Therefore, it’s important to recognize when you may need our professional technicians to take a look at your system. Call us if:

  • Your utility bills are increasing constantly, or they suddenly become incredibly high.
  • Your heating system is making banging, clanging, rattling, squeaking, scraping, or thumping noises out of the blue.
  • There are unusual smells coming from your system.
  • Your heater is constantly pushing hot air out, seemingly without stopping.
  • Your heater is not producing warm air or is producing cold air.
  • You notice uneven heating; some of the rooms in your house are hot while others remain frigid.
  • Your thermostat does not seem to correspond with your heater.
  • You notice water forming beneath your boiler or fluids leaking anywhere.
  • You notice the air quality of your home is decreasing, dust is always accumulating, or family members have respiratory problems that last longer than a few months.
  • You have not had professional maintenance services in a year or more.
  • You have an old heating system (more than 15 years old).

Sometimes heating systems can give us dangerous warning signs. Always call emergency services if:

  • Your carbon monoxide detector is beeping.
  • You suddenly smell a strong gas smell or sulfur smell.
  • You hear a hissing or roaring close to your furnace.

System Replacement

In some cases, heating systems break down regularly because they are old. Typically, a heating system can last up to 15 years. However, you can expand this lifespan by performing regular maintenance and taking care of minor heating repair as it arises.

That said, systems that are older than 15 years can begin to present a multitude of problems. Often, purchasing frequent heavy-duty maintenance and constant repairs can be more expensive in the long run than installing a replacement system. Further, old systems tend to heat your home inefficiently and produce increasingly high utility bills due to how hard they need to work. If you find that you are in this situation, call Mr. Reliable Heating and Air in Houston, TX, and we will send our leading HVAC pros to inspect your current system and advise on a replacement.

Additionally, we will give you’re a quote for the installation of a new heating system. Ultimately, a new system can save you money on energy costs and repairs. It can also heat your home more efficiently, keeping you and your family warm on chilly nights.

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