Home A/C Sizing | Air Conditioning Katy, TX

Home A/C Sizing | Air Conditioning Katy, TX

Home A/C Sizing | Air Conditioning Katy, TX

When planning to install a new air conditioner, homeowners often question the size they need. It is a legitimate concern considering a large number of HVAC contractors install the wrong size. Proper home A/C sizing of air conditioning in Katy, TX is essential for energy efficiency and comfort.

You should not assume you need the same size unit as the existing air conditioning in Katy, TX currently installed in your home. A unit that is larger than you need will costs more to purchase, to operate, reduces comfort, and increases the risk of mold and mildew.

These problems are due to a process called short cycling. In other words, it will come on, quickly cooling down the home and shut off. Short cycling causes the system to be unable to remove excess humidity, and even though it may be cold in the home, the humidity causes occupants to feel hotter than it actually is. The excess humidity will also promote the growth of mold and mildew, and can damage wood furnishings.

In addition, an upgrade in insulation, doors or windows, or other energy improvements, may mean the required size of your home’s air conditioning in Katy, TX is smaller.

An Undersized Unit

On the other hand, a unit that is too small will be unable to cool your home efficiently and will experience accelerated wear and tear with a need for frequent repair, and will experience a reduced lifespan.

Contractors who measure the space and do not consider other factors are not adequately estimating the required size. There are guidelines (such as Manual J, “Residential Load Calculation, published by Air Conditioning Contractors of America, or ACCA), in place for contractors to use, and these include not only the living space, but the rating of insulation in the home, and the number, type, insulating factor and facing direction of windows and doors, for example.

A qualified professional HVAC contractor will calculate all of the required factors into sizing calculations for new or replacement heating and air conditioning, ensuring the proper size for your home’s air conditioning in Katy, TX.

Ensure you ask each of the contractors that you consider how they determine the size of system for your home. If they reply it is the size of the existing system, look elsewhere for a qualified professional to install you air conditioning in Katy.

Until recently, contractors were required to make complicated mathematical calculations to determine the required size of air conditioning; though software is now available, that simplifies it. It is however, fairly costly and a number of contractors still prefer to guess and hope for accuracy, the result is as much as 50% of homes in the U.S. is operating an oversized system costing them more than was necessary, adversely affecting comfort and efficiency in the home, and risking the growth of illness causing mold.

Select a NATE Certified HVAC Contractor

While a licensed technician is not required to be NATE certified, it is a factor providing a homeowner with an indication of the HVAC technician’s level of training and expertise, and an extra level of assurance for a proper installation.

NATE certified technicians must recertify every 2 years, ensuring you receive a HVAC technician who is up to date on the latest changes in the HVAC industry.

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