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Heating and air conditioning repair is one area of operations that even the most avid of do-it-yourselfers will think twice before diving into. When it comes to these units, calling in the professionals to handle things is the surest way to get your home or office back to the climate that suits you best as quickly and efficiently as possible. While the complexity of the equipment in question simply doesn’t seem to invite the untrained hand, does it? Well, that doesn’t mean that we can’t learn how to listen to these machines when they are trying to tell us something important – like when they are due for some much-needed repairs or outright replacement.

We all know what our Katy, TX can be like, so we wouldn’t want to take any chances when it comes to heating and air conditioning repair. To help keep you on top of things in all matters air conditioning, here’s a quick rundown of the signs and signals to look out for when your air conditioning unit is calling out for help.

  • It’s Making a Strange Noise

The machines we rely on to make our day to day lives comfortable have their own language, and the professional ear learns to decode its messages. You will surely be well familiar with your air conditioning unit’s gentle, constant, comfortable rumble, to the point that if fades entirely into the background of your daily operations. Once a new element is introduced into the auditory fingerprint of your air conditioner, know that the time has come to call in a heating and air conditioning repair expert. Some tell-tale sounds not to ignore in this context include grinding, squealing, and scraping noises.

Even though you might feel that the machine is working just fine in spite of the unusual noise accompaniment, there might be a lot more amiss within your machine than you may suspect. Heating and air conditioning repair operations are time-sensitive in many cases. What might be a simple cleaning or tightening job at the onset of the strange noises might grow to be a major job if left to fester over time. A timely response to the warning noises may save you a pretty penny down the line, not to mention the peace and quiet you forego when you decide to ignore a noisy unit.

  • It’s Simply Not Getting the Job Done

It doesn’t take a heating and air conditioning repair veteran to tell you that when your air conditioner isn’t keeping you cool like it used to, it probably needs some looking into. A reduction in or the complete cessation of cool air production in an air conditioning unit will likely be as a result of a compressor malfunction, Freon line leakage, or a short circuit in your electrical components.

Some basic actions you could take on your own would be looking at the unit’s filter, ducts and bower motor. These have a tendency to get blocked, develop leakages, or fail outright, especially if we are talking about older air conditioning units.

  • You Notice a Strange Smell from Your Unit

It might seem like a statement of the obvious here, but your air conditioning unit is not supposed to give off any strange smells. Heating and air conditioning experts will tell you that one of the most common spring-time complaints is of a musty smell emanating from home and office air conditioners. The smell in question usually comes about as a result of mold growth in the unit’s ducts, condensate drain clogging, or dirt-coated cooling coils. Heating and air conditioning repair experts are always on hand to come in and clear up the problem right up for you.

  • Your Energy Bills Spike Upwards

You no doubt have a rough idea of what your monthly power bills look like. One of the surest alarm signs when it comes to air conditioning is a significant rise in the money you pay for power, even though your usage remains more or less constant. A rising power bill is a sure indication of a declining rate of efficiency for your unit, and a definite cause to call in your trusted heating and air conditioning repair experts. You will be paying more for less, and I don’t know anybody in Katy, TX who would be just fine with that.

  • Your Unit Shows Freezing or Leakage

Air conditioning units are vital in climates such as the one we enjoy here in Katy, TX, but we must always bear in mind that they incorporate some potentially dangerous elements especially should there be pets or animals in the picture. For instance, should you ever notice a puddle, leakages, or freezing taking place in, on, or around your unit, a condensation line blockage will likely be indicated. Freon exiting the unit poses a great risk to pets and children who might unknowingly ingest the harmful substance. Heating and air conditioning repair professionals should be alerted immediately once these warning signs are spotted.

  • Just a Matter of Time

Like all machines, your air conditioning unit will be subject to the effects of time. No matter how high the quality of its build, the constant daily activity will inevitably lead to degradation. Some parts of your air conditioner will gradually get worn out and, eventually, fail. This is why you need to call in heating and air conditioning repair specialists for a checkup every couple of years, just to be on the safe side and ensure that you get the maximum possible use out of your unit. Air conditioning units have an average lifespan of 15-20 years in Katy, TX, but taking good care of them through regular tune-up may well see them last even longer than that.

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