How An <strong>AC Repair Company</strong> Can Help You Deal With Uneven Temperatures | <strong>Spring, TX</strong>

How An AC Repair Company Can Help You Deal With Uneven Temperatures | Spring, TX

Are some sections of your home too hot or colder than others? Have you noticed a drastic temperature difference between floors? Do you have trouble sleeping because the temperatures are too extreme? All these point to one thing: your HVAC system is unevenly heating or cooling your home. Uneven temperatures are among the many comfort concerns that most homeowners express. If you reside in a multi-story home, you most likely have experienced this. The lower floors are comfortable during summer, while the upper floors are muggy and hot. In winter, the reverse holds. Fortunately, there are several measures that your AC repair company in Spring, TX can take to address the uneven heating issue at your home.

What Are the Causes of Uneven Temperatures in Your Home?

Incorrect HVAC System Capacity

Is the capacity of your air conditioning system commensurate with the size of your home or the space being cooled? If the system has a capacity of cooling or heating a 2000 sq. ft. space, but your home is 3000 Sq. Ft., it will experience uneven temperature issues. Conversely, if the system has a higher capacity than the space it is supposed to heat, this problem will arise too. In air conditioning, a larger HVAC system isn’t always better.

Therefore, an overpowered system can cause more harm to your home than good. Air mixing and distribution are the core concepts of HVAC. Consider a jar containing salad dressing. Shaking it for several seconds will only mix some ingredients; you must shake it for longer. The same thing occurs when your system is overpowered. It briefly kicks on and then shuts off repeatedly. This phenomenon is called short cycling and results in uneven temperatures. For this reason, it is recommended that you ensure an AC repair company conducts a load test before you purchase an HVAC system.

Insufficient Air Return Drops

The other reason your home might be experiencing uneven temperatures is a need for sufficient air return drops. Remember, it is all about air mixing and changing it repeatedly. The return air drops are responsible for carrying the unconditioned air from your home to the HVAC system for cooling or heating. If there are not enough return air drops at your home, there will likely be uneven temperatures. Hence, ensure that the AC repair company checks the return drops if they are insufficient when they come for a maintenance service.

Attic Construction and Proximity to the Garage

Another cause is insulation and attic construction. In the summer, an uninsulated attic can reach 150 degrees. Attic heat will warm the upstairs. In winter, if the attic has leakages or insufficient insulation, all the warm air the unit will push upstairs will likely flow to your attic. Remember, hot air rises. The other reason for unequal temperatures is the proximity to a garage. A room above a garage will have inconsistent temperatures. Why? The floor and walls are leaking air. This explains why master dens or bedrooms above garages have inconsistent temperatures. This is why you should consult an AC repair company in Spring, TX during the home design stage.

Combatting Uneven Temperature Problem at Your Home

Inspecting or Adjusting the Dampers

One of the easiest ways of dealing with uneven temperatures at your home is having an AC repair company check the dampers. These are located in your air ducts and are used for redirecting airflow across your home. If the dampers are misaligned or stuck, the professional will adjust and lubricate them. They will also check to confirm sufficient airflow into your home.

Adding Return Air Drops

As explained above, insufficient return air drops will result in uneven temperature problems at your home. The AC repair company will change the air ducts by adding return air drops to the affected parts. However, this is invasive as it involves removing your ceiling floor panels and drywall to run the air ducts through the appropriate areas. However, it can be less expensive compared to investing in another system.

Installing a Variable Speed HVAC

Variable-speed air conditioners and furnaces can increase or reduce their speeds depending on the outdoor temperatures. You want to ensure the interior temperature is 70 degrees on a summer day. At 68 degrees in the morning, cooling might not be as necessary as at 95 degrees at 3 p.m. A variable-speed HVAC system uses less than 30% of its capacity in the morning and ramps up as it becomes hotter. Working in sync with outdoor temperatures will increase air turnover in your home, improving conditioned air quality. Hence, you should talk with your AC repair company about the possibility of installing a variable-speed HVAC system if the uneven temperature problem persists.

Installing Ductless Mini-Split AC Units

Another solution you should discuss with your AC repair company is installing a ductless mini-split AC unit. Installing a ductless mini split in every room of your home or area experiencing uneven temperatures effectively solves this problem. Every room with a mini-split AC unit will have independent control over indoor comfort.

HVAC Zoning and Sensors

Different areas of your house can be heated and cooled separately by having an AC repair company in Spring, TX implement HVAC zoning. In some instances, one system might be used to condition the downstairs while the other takes care of the upstairs. Mini-splits, conventional HVAC systems, or a combination can create these zones. Temperature sensors should be included to enable the systems to interact with one another. Your HVAC system can determine whether new areas of your home require heating or cooling with the help of additional sensors. Additionally, you can close and open certain ducting sections by adding automatic dampers to create even more zones.

Do you have uneven temperature problems at your home? Contact us at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air. Our technicians will help resolve the problem using ingenious techniques like the ones explained above.

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